Well thank you Starbucks, you have quenched my thirst. I hope you can tell I’m being facetious. Although I get the point of them not wanting to waste their time with petty requests that don’t make them any money…and attempt to get you to actually purchase something but seems like this would just cause further work.

This will in fact only make me want to be more of a nuisance and continue to ask for refills on my water (drop) until they buckle and give me a bigger size. In all honesty…I think this is pretty darned funny and shows that they’ve got a good sense of humor. Score another point for Starbucks.



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  • bunkreview says:

    hahah, that's epic. The only thing missing is some sort of enviro tax of 10 cents for the plastic cup!

    Maybe they don't want to give you a lot thinking you might waste it.

    Congrats, you've contributed to their Ethos Water Fund.