Mullet Pants

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I’m pretty sure these are going to be all the rage amongst the cool kids. This way you’re all business in the front and but you’ve got a party goings on in the back. The scary thing is that I can actually see these becoming the next fad clothing item. I guess until you can start buying them at Forever 21 we’re okay…but I think that may only be a short time away.

…she’s almost got more chutzpah┬áthan this greedy guy.



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  • Jo Dean says:

    Wow she is WAY cute!

  • Charlie says:

    Shouldn't mullet pants have the long pant legs on the back not the front?

  • JarJar says:

    I believe they call 'em chaps.

  • Tom says:

    Business in the front, party in the back.

  • Halal Allah says:

    Absolutely fucking stupid. I hate you god damn internet kiddies thinking you come up with funny stuff. Get a god damn life. Also, Charlie is right, which proves how fucking stupid everyone else is.

    • Josh says:

      Woah, calm down internet tough guy! If this is such an issue, why are you even here, making the effort to comment? Get a life indeed, right? Spending yours being angry at people you'll likely never see again!

      Besides, Charlie would be right about the Mullet -haircut-, but not exactly the pants. It's what "business in the front, party in the back" implies.

      It's business in the front because it's a nice-looking cut. It's a party in the back because its long and unkempt.

      Likewise, these pants are like a mullet because they're conservative and normal-seeming on the front, but short and more casual in the back.

      See? It isn't just semantics, it's an allusion to the meaning behind the haircut, not the shape!

      See, isn't it fun to think a little before making unruly comments~

    • Derp says:

      You're calling it stupid, and you don't even fucking understand it. It's mildly clever, I agree, but jesus christ. It's normal in the front because that is fucking "business as usual". The "party in the rear" is the pants being fucked up in the back. Apply some critical thinking, you dumb bastard.

  • Sean says:

    I may have found the bodacious babe of my dreams…

  • jebroni says:

    man that chick looks like a total bitch

  • anonymous says:

    5/19/13 EXPECT US

  • Chica says:

    Does it get any better than a redhead wearing a green blouse? Oh yeah, pants are cute too. ;)