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Who is this beast of a man? Turns out his name is “Tiny” Tim Rauscheder from Cleveland, Ohio. He’s a member of the AICE (Association of Independent Competitive Eaters) and weighs in at 384 pounds.

Apparently Tiny Tim became aware of his eating prowess in high school when he set the unofficial Padua Franciscan High School Cookie dough record by polishing off 32 Raw Cookie Dough Cookies and 10 cartons of milk in a single lunch period.

Some of his other records are 24 chicken nuggets in 1 minutes, 6 bananas in 1 minute, 55 chicken wings in 12 minutes 50 seconds, 18 sliders in 10 minutes, 8.75 pulled pork sandwiches in 8 minutes, 49 pierogies in 5 minutes and 102 ounces of chili in 5 minutes. He’s not all about eating though…he also excels at bowling (where he’s been known to break 275 on occasion), heads a dart team and plays bass in a band.


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  • Shitegeist says:

    That's really not that impressive. 40oz is approximately 2 UK pints, and downing 2 pints in around thirty seconds isn't that difficult. I guess we're just bigger drinkers over here.