If you’ve been reading or watching any news recently then I’m sure you’re aware of the wildfires that are taking place in Russia. As of Monday morning they had spread to nearly 500 square miles (about half the size of Rhode Island). The fires are due to extreme heat (upwards of 104 degrees Fahrenheit) in the area and high winds.

The has been a state of emergency declared in 14 areas. So far 28 people have dies as a result with another 2,000 homeless. Roughly 180,000 rescuers are battling the fires and they’ve dropped nearly 3,000 tons of water to douse the flames over the last day. All of this is pretty intense, but nothing showcases it moreso than this video. This is taken inside a truck trying to escape the area. You can see that the men are clearly terrified for their lives. If you’ve ever wondered what hell looked like, this might suffice:


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