Look at this awesome food invention from Eddie L. Burnal, of Ohio, in 1983. What better way to get your Mexican food kick than on a stick? I for one would be eccstatic to see one of these at my local fair. I love me some burritos and with this I no longer have to sit down to eat one. I can gobble and go…I would just need some salsa, guac and sour cream in a cup.

With increased popularity in Mexican food, burritos have kept an equal, if not a faster, pace. Burritos are made of a soft, highly pliable tortilla in a generally cylindrical shape which is wrapped around a burrito food filler. The filler usually includes seasoned meat or beans but, more recently, other food fillers have also been used, including such items as fruit. With the tortilla being soft and pliable, and the filler being squishy, if not juicy, of practical necessity) the burrito must be eaten on a plate. Consequently, burritos are usually sold by restaurants with dine-in facilities or purchased only by customers taking them home to eat.

The present invention provides a highly portable burrito product which can be carried about and eaten as easily as an ice cream bar or a coated hot dog impaled on a stick, commonly known as a corn dog, by way of example.

The portable Mexican-type food item includes a burrito-type product affixed to an elongate member or stick extending therefrom and intended to be grasped by the consumer during consumption of the product.


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