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Though unofficial (it’s still waiting to be confirmed by Guinness Book of World Records, the previous record is 185.8 pounds), a Canadian chef has grilled up the world’s largest burger. Ted Reader, the man behind the monster, cooked the attempt in order to raise money for the Camp Bucko charity (they successfully raised $8,500).

The burger contains 307 pounds of beef, a 100 pound bun, 20 pounds of lettuce and 150 pounds of condiments. It took all of 6 hours to cook up. If you were to get the equivalent in your typical quarter-pound burger you would need to order 2,360 burgers. They had to design a custom grill with a built-in forklift mechanism designed to flip the oversized burger.

“It took six hours to cook the behemoth of a burger, starting off with a patty weighing 139 kilos. The grilled patty was then nestled in a 48-kilogram bun, dressed with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, red onions, pickles and barbecue sauce. I’m amazed that we got it out of the grill and onto the bun. That was the whole trickiness to it, but it’s held together, it’s edible, it’s delicious.”


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