The funny thing to realize about this is that it was obviouly done on a computer, and one would assume that it was in a word processing program of some sort. One could further deduce that it would have a spell check and a grammar check.

…clearly this person doesn’t know how to be awesome!


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  • Whoever wrote that was watching Inception while he wrote it.

  • Mark says:

    What gets me is the fact that it was obviously written in a computer. Whoever wrote that used software similar to Word which would actually do grammar and spell-checking. I say that whoever did this, did thin in purpose

  • Gabe says:

    I find it hard to believe that the person who wrote that note learned English as a first language. If the author is foreign, that might explain why the spellcheck in word was set to a different language and did not pick up the English grammatical and spelling errors.

    • Albert says:

      ESL people don't generally use apostrophes on plurals. They usually know how to implement rules well and their noobishness at English is easier to spot in situations that break the rules. I think the author was probably just from the South.

      • Bubba says:

        Yes it well known that we in the south are not grammatically correct nor are we able to spell.

  • Your description is also grammatically incorrect.

  • Tardigrade says:


    You better spell-check your own text :).

  • joe bourgeois says:

    I think you're obviously living in a very glassy house to be throwing that particular stone.

  • StaggerLee says:

    A grammar checker? Where does one find this wondrous application of which you speak?