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Now that you stood inline for over 12 hours, overnight, at your nearest Apple store, waded through all the other Mac geeks, resigned a 2-year contract, turned over your hard earned cash to two large corporations…you’ve now got your precious iPhone 4 in the palm of your hand… oops…doesn’t work in the palm of your hand. To handle that, here is your pictorial “Idiots Guide to Holding the iPhone 4″:

…deciding on whether or not to get the new iPhone is almost as hard as these.



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  • I think I'll just stand on my head when I make the call. It might help you never know maybe steve will know.

  • Nonsense crapcheck says:

    This is just to draw hits, and it works…hell I'm here. But the reality is that this whole Iphone 4 reception is a bunch of overblown nonsense from people who love to hate "the man". It was Microsoft, now it's Apple. I have read loads of reviews from tech blogs, PC magazine, G4, etc. I also have a number of friends who have an Iphone 4. ALL OF THEM say the same thing…you have to hold the phone like a gorilla and you MIGHT be able to reproduce this effect to varying degrees. For the vast vast majority of users, they would never experience this. In a year Apple will have sold a few million of these, and nobody will be complaining…cus it's not really that big a deal.

    • raidet says:

      Nah. Google is enormous, for example, but despite the odd slip-up recently, nobody *hates* them. People hate Apple because they're arrogant assholes that treat their customers like moronic sheep. People hated Microsoft because, like Apple, they like to make dickmoves on a regular basis, pissing their customers off with reckless impunity. Microsoft have recently reaped some of their long-awaited comeuppance and Apple will get theirs too in time.

    • Johnny says:

      It's funny because Apple's whole ethos of 'it just works' and 'perfect industrial design' just got thrown on its head.

      It's stupid industrial design and it doesn't work.

    • Someone says:

      Of course, most will blame AT&T's crappy service, right?

      AT&T's already got a reputation for dropping calls, and most don't follow the tech news websites to realize the flaw is the root cause.

      OTOH, I'll be holding every other phone as I deem fit since those companies aren't stupid enough to put the antenna where it can be shorted by rain, your finger, etc.

      Btw. how do you hold a phone "like a gorilla"?

  • dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb.

  • kad1r says:

    ehheh, it's little funny.

  • Sandy C says:

    I wish I had an iPhone 4