A surfer down under near Albany, Australia reportedly smashed a shark in the kisser before riding a wave into safety. I don’t have word yet but I’m pretty sure Chuck Norris is in the U.S. so it wasn’t him.

Looks like the fellows name is Michael Bedford. He was surfing in Western Australia when a shark (possibly a Great White) knocked him off his board. The shark came after him again and he whacked him right on the nose. He then jumped on his board and rode it in. Luckily he had some friends on shore who helped him use his leash as an impromptu tourniquet for wounds sustained to his legs. Now that’s what I call a BAMF.

“He gave it a good whack he reckons, a good punch and that doesn’t surprise me knowing Mick. It is your worst nightmare and Mick’s been through it and survived so he’s just really lucky.” – Michale’s buddy Lee Cummuskey


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