After Jim Harrison and a buddy of his won a bit of money from an online poker tournament they got to chatting about what they should do with their winnings. One of them suggested spending it all on hot dogs. From there the conversation turned to how many hot dogs one could consume….and from there how many an individual could consume in a month.

Jim, a 22-year old a McMaster University student, thought that it would be possible to eat 450 within a month while his roommate suggested 480. With the debate now on the table someone decided to put money on it as well. Jim really felt he could eat 15 hot dogs (on average) per day, each day, for the entire month. How much money would it actually take to go through with this bet? If Jim is successful his pal has to cough up $1,500 and if he fails Jim will owe him $1,000.

There are a few rules, mainly that all hot dogs much be consumed in front of a live web cam as proof. Each hot dog has to eaten with a bun but he can put whatever toppings on it that he wants…and he can only throw-up 4 times throughout the month…none of which can be self-induced.

Jim says he tries to eat 6 hot dogs for each meal, which he has 3 of a day. This pace had put him at 317 by the 3 week mark. Meaning this last week he must consume the remaining 133. He seems pretty confident that he can make it. When asked what he’d eat as his first meal after the best he responded, “Probably a quarter-pounder meal from McDonalds.”

If you’d like to watch a meal of his live you can head over to his Justin.tv page. The picture below is a view of his stash in the fridge towards the beginning of the month.


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  • Here's another example of something I think would be totally easy for me to do. A gallon of milk in an hour? Noooooo problem. A stick of butter in 30 minutes? Simple. And this? Child's play.

    His problem is only eating three meals per day. I could have six dogs every HOUR. All with chili cheese.