The Swiss Police think they’ve got a novel idea to slow down speeding drivers. They have employed an “angel” to wave down people cruising with a leadfoot. The angel is actually an actor who was also featured in a month long campaign in TV ads, newspapers and billboards. He’ll be popping up on random roads where speeding is a problem for at least 20-hours a week until the end of October. They’re also encouraging drivers to send emails into the station stating where they’ve spotted the angel.

BenoƮt Dumas, a spokesman for the Fribourg police said:

The idea is to provide a sort of concrete protection, to have a real angel telling drivers to be responsible. To have a physical presence like that makes the message more visible, and it’s out of the ordinary.

This guy looks more like he should be on a corner in New York City…look at the epic Kenny G style hair.


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