For the typical American, soccer (football?) is not normally on their radar. But with the FIFA World Cup in full swing down in South Africa there has certainly been a good deal of buzz about the sport. Especially with both of the USA games controversial draws.

With that in mind we thought we’d help out the general population and give you a visual guide to understanding some of your World Cup teams.

[click image for full size]


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  • Akiba Drumer says:

    No north korea? Son, I am disappoint.

  • pacman says:

    There is no such thing as UK team in the world cup (the members play as separate countries), and Saudi Arabia is not in the cup this time.

    Who ever made this is either dumb, or American (sort of the same thing), or a woman (more of the same actually).

  • notafootballfan says:

    And where is the Netherlands? They had the nice ladies in short skirts as a marketing stunt by a beer brand, but they are not showing here. Yeah, must have been posted by an american…

  • eggnostriva says:

    Great Britain didnt have a "team" at the world cup. England did. Its a white ground with a red cross on it.