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If you were a kid in the 80′s or 90′s I’m sure you’ll instantly recognize a number of these fantastically disturbing cards from the Garbage Pail Kids. I loved collecting and trading them when I was younger. They were released by Topps Company in 1985 and are still made to this day.

I did not realize (and I don’t know how this escaped me) but there was a live action movie made in 1987 titled The Garbage Pail Kids Movie. Apprently it didn’t do so well and is what we refer to as a flop. Either way I think I’ll head over to Amazon to buy a copy just because.

These cards were (and are) so awesome on so many levels. I mean, how can you dispute the greatness of Barfin’ Barbara, Interracial Rachel, Harry Potty, Christina Ugulera or Thin Lynne. Here for your viewing pleasure are 45 of some of the best (or worst) of the bunch. Enjoy!

Click the gallery to view them all


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