If you’re like me then you grew up watching cartoons on Nickelodeon…and one of my favorites was Rocko’s Modern Life. I loved that show, what with Heffer (“That was a hoot!”), Spunky, Filbert, the Bigheads…man was it awesome.

Well the creator of the show, Joe Murray (Executive Producer, Writer and Story Editor as well) is going to be producing a new online all-cartoon web channel called KaboingTV…hopefully. If he can raise enough funds, and he’s dangerously close, he’ll start his dream (and mine too) site. He’ll also be producing and creating a series called “Frog In A Suit”, the first of which can be seen below.

His goal is to reach $16,800 in donations and he is currently at $15,870. The cut-off date to reach the desired goal is June 5th, so this is super attainable. Even $5.00 helps. Shoot, just skip a Subway footlong for the day and brown bag it. If 186 of us do that then he’s all set and ready to go…and we’ll get ourselves a bunch of awesome new animated content. So what are you waiting for? Head over to his page and slap down a Lincoln…it’ll be the best $5 you’ve ever spent.

Supporters are rewarded with different things depending on how much they give, but even the lowest level receives password access to a special page his website with behind the scenes info, art and video on the making of the Frog in a Suit episodes.


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