So this genius, Faiz Mohammad, was arrested at Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport in Pakistan just recently. Turns out he didn’t think it would be a problem going through current airport security screenings with a pair of electronic massage shoes. The shoes are even complete with batteries, an on/off switch and plugs to recharge them.

This has got to be the quickest, easiest (well okay I can think of others) and maybe the dumbest way to get yourself pulled into the airport’s back room. The bro said he bought the shoes from a market in Karachi and had no idea there were circuits hidden inside the soles. Come on buddy…what were you thinking?


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  • Durr says:

    Maybe he thought that massage-shoes weren't the kind of thing that could be considered dangerous. What a fool.

    When did we stop thinking it was ridiculous for airport security to freak out about seemingly harmless things, and decide the ridiculous thing is to not apply that same mentality to yourself.

    I agree that anyone with a basic understanding of the current paranoia in present airports should know better. I don't like the ridicule of this man for wearing very non-lethal shoes, like he's a complete moron.

    • Durr +1 says:

      I agree with Durr. He was arrested? That is moronic. Detained/questioned/not allowed to board with the footwear in question, fine. But arresting him is preposterous.