They’ve applied to be a contestant on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (probably so they could afford one of these), they’ve flown to New York from all over the country, they’ve passed the screening exams, they’ve earned a chance at the Fastest Fingered Question, they’ve won the FFQ and now they’re sitting in front of the audience and the cameras ready for their chance at $1,000,000. The excitement within them is building, this money is going to change their lives forever…here they go…first question….

Bonus: Fastest Fingered Question Fail


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  • Matt says:

    I love how the kid in the first video has the life drain out of him once he realized what he had done. He could barely stand up to leave.

  • Thinkingperson says:

    When I saw the first clip, i thought "Shouldn't the host ask for confirmation like 'Is that your final answer?'."

    But I think such confirmations came in later seasons to prevent such blunders. :)

    • brian says:

      Usually the person answers and they ask "Is that your final answer". If they answer and immediately say "final answer" then the host doesn't give a crap.

  • Dirac says:

    Thanks for taking the time to search YouTube for these videos and then put them all on one page because that's just not trivial at all.

  • Daniel says:

    @Thinkingperson .. watch the clip again.. he clearly says "final answer", and once he says that, it's too late to make changes to the answer.

  • Ummmm says:

    Fastest Fingered?

  • aspen says:

    @Thinkingperson – yeah, like Daniel said, he had already confirmed his answer.

    People get too cocky in those first questions and attach "final answer" without thinking

  • guy says:

    None of those are as good as the one where the lady selects Elephants as the largest object when Moon in on the list.

  • Teknoguru says:

    Thanks. a great collection.

  • brian says:

    the word you're looking for is schadenfreude

  • Nathan says:

    @guy, that's shooped.

  • thoughtaboutthinking says:

    @thinkingperson…. the host didn't ask for the final answer because all the idiots that made it to this page had never watched the show before. Ok……let that soak in……. if you had never watched the show before why would you ever say "This is my final answer" you'd just tell the damn blonde that the answer was B.

  • jamie says:

    hahahaha americans are fucking dumb! they all had a chance to use there "is that your final answer" after they had said something, but no! they decide to say final answer along with that answer and then fail then realise how much of a dick they have just been, typical big headed americans !

    british aren't much better though, can't even answer the correct sequence for our traffic light system haha

    • Fuck says:


      Fuck you, wanker

    • Ace says:

      wow…..the other clips showed one dumb american who jumped the gun but the british clip showed 10 ppl….AT THE SAME TIME!!! ABOUT A TRAFFIC LIGHT! So i wouldnt say anything about the americans when British ppl are MUCH worse!!

  • deepak says:

    Last one really a great bonus.

  • Beach Hotels says:

    I felt very bad for that Man in forth video. Good collections of $0 winner. Its been really great if here is $ 1 million winner too.

  • Daily jokes says:

    They are unbelievable…

    All of them are really easy questions