I can’t think of two better “people” (though both are more of a deity than anything if you ask me) to be taking a casual lunch break stroll together. With Jesus’ ability to turn water into wine and the Colonels mad skills with chicken breasts they would throw the best Last Supper I could ever imagine. I didn’t however realize the Messiah’s penchant for coffee.

Anyone that can take two pieces of cheese, self-titled (Colonels Sauce) sauce, two pieces of bacon and use fried chicken as the bun is deserving of entrance into the Pearly Gates. I’m sure these two shoot the shit on a daily basis. If I must repent for all my sins to hang with these bros then then consider me a Saint from here on out. Although my only sin may be that of gluttony because this KFC Luther Double Down and Elvis Double Down look too good to pass up.


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