With all the big names on the internets like Google and Facebook failing their users with their lack of privacy and the Governments with their abilities to tap into whatever data they’d like, it’s not long before we’re in a truly “1984″ society (if we’re not there already). This I knew was imminent…but what I didn’t quite realize would happen so soon was the fact that apparently you can’t even shit in peace anymore.

…if I were sitting in here, this would come in muy práctico…but then I’d probably be in there for hours.


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  • jamar3030 says:

    I don't get it. Would someone please explain?

  • Kate says:

    jamar, look at the stall door and how much off the ground it is, meaning that people can basically see you shitting if you are sitting there doing your business.. It is a big gap between the bottom of the stall door and the floor, which is big enough for a limbo dancer to get through if they can bend that far back, hence the "beware of the limbo dancer" which I found pretty lulzy…

  • Name says:

    You're an idiot. Try googling 'limbo dancing'.

  • clifton says:

    no.. the hilarity arises from the fact that the gap between the door is small.

    if someone can look under the door at you, you could see them too.

    so, look at the permanently low overhang and imagine limbo occurring there. primo comedia.

  • jamar3030 says:

    People are making a stink over the gap between the floor and the door? Seriously? Come to Montana and hang out in one of our rustic local bars. Most of these restrooms don't even have doors. No one cares, and the people who do don't use the restrooms. Boo hoo!