With the thought process of “let’s take two things that people love and smash them together” you could easily come up with a product like Baconnaise. There can’t be anything wrong with taking delicious mayonnaise and the wonderful food that is bacon and mixing them together. Similar to fried eggs on cheeseburgers, french fries and gravy or pizza and macaroni & cheese. But this is the thing that gets me a little…if you’re going to make something like Baconnaise (clearly not a diet item) why would you go through the trouble of attempting a ‘lite’ version?

If you’re really looking to make your tastebuds sing, why not make a bacon smores. The guys over at Epic Portions have done just that with what looks like a delicious outcome.


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  • I was totally behind this until the "make your own marshmallow" part. If I'm the sort of person who tops my desserts with bacon, I'm the sort of person who buys Marshmallow Fluff.