There you go. Your season 9 American Idol is Lee Dewyze. The gap between Lee, 24, and Crystal Bowersox, also 24, was only 2%. Personally I think she performed better than him on Tuesday but really either of them stood the chance to win. It of course comes down to who gets the most fans jumping on the horn calling in and voting.

I’m assuming both of their albums will sell well…and I’m actually looking forward to a Casey James album. I’m sure too, knowing American Idol and FOX, that there will be some singles availble for download immediately. Frankly I’m too lazy to check. Well shoot, here’s “Beautiful Day” by Lee.

I knew Lee was going to win. People seemed surprised by that, but I just had a feeling. I couldn’t be happier for him. He deserves every minute of this,” she said backstage, looking as calm and cheerful as she has throughout the season. Both of us are going to have very successful careers and we’re going to be friends for a long time. – Crystal Bowersox

I don’t know. It’s amazing, thank you, guys, so much … I love you. Crystal, I love you. – Lee Dewyze


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