Yesterday I posted about Joe Murray, the creator of Rocko’s Modern Life, requesting your help in getting a dream of his off the ground. Joe was seeking donations for a new online only animation channel called KaboingTV. He needed $16,800 to get it started and to produce a couple more episodes of his new series “Frog In A Suit.”

Well good news…as of yesterday he surpassed his goal and he is currently at $18,515! That means he will be moving forward with the project. I’m not sure if any of you helped out but I would like to think that we’re the ones that pushed it over the top.

If you go to KaboingTV.com right now it says “Please Stand By, KaboingTV.com Will Be Premiering Soon!” How awesome is that….I’m excited! If you gave a little money to the project, thank you.


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