Known as the “Cereal Killer” for his attack on all things breakfast related, this killer is out to become your only option for nourishment in the morning. It only takes one bad apple to ruin the bunch…but this sour fruit is clearly green with envy.

Those sweet Cuties (Clementine mandarins) were just too darned cute for him to handle. He had to take his rage out on someone and it looks like one unlucky little guy got the knife to the dome. Either my fruit basket is haunted or I have too much time on my hands….you decide.

…I wonder what terror he could do with a free one of these?


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  • SlackerKeith says:

    What a waste of everyone's time. This is not funny on a number of levels. Unbelievable.

  • progr says:

    Quoting SlackerKeith: it's not funny.

  • SlackerToo says:

    It wasn't a waste of my time. Anyway, that's a pretty bold statement coming from a guy whose name is "Slacker" Keith. I'm a slacker, and I have quite a bit of time to waste.

    And Keith, could you give an example of a level on which this wasn't funny? Was someone you know brutally murdered by a green apple?

  • k2 incense says:

    Wow this amazing.

  • SlackMaster says:

    I am also a slacker and yes this wasn't very funny, but very worthy of my wasted time. 2 thumbs up

  • Johnny says:

    crap not funny.

    been done before and better. cereal killer doesn't even make sense. it' an apple not a puff grain of rice.

    on a photography point of view it's an abomination in bad focus and worse lighting.

  • Valk says:

    Agreed, it's not funny and has been done way better before.