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  • Bill Stella says:

    It's nice that you've posted this great image.

    To be fair, shouldn't you guys at the very minimum acknowledge the artist and source of this picture?

    I only discovered in for myself a few days ago at the Threadless T-shirts site.

    It's an image from art painted for display in their Chicago storefront.

    The artist is Phil Jones.


    Of the hundreds of artists participating in Threadless, I doubt many (any?) are getting wealthy on t-shirt sales. The least you could do is to have provided the artists' name and the weblink yourself.


    BTW, in my profile pic at my FB page I'm wearing another Threadless shirt "Make Love, Not War". No, I'm not a shill for the company, don't own it, don't even know anyone who designs for it or works for it.

  • Bill Stella says:

    …and just to prove that I understand that people can make mistakes, I made one too, when I submitted my comment before fixing what I typed.

    I said in my comment that "It’s an image from art painted for display in their Chicago storefront."

    That should read "It’s also an image from art painted for display in their Chicago storefront.

    And that line should appear after the URL, because the display art is by a different artist, Joe Suta, who Threadless commissions to paint mashup art for display.

    Credit where due.