Cebus Capucinis of AtariAge has made this fantastic lamp from an old 2600 console and a dozen or so games. He also used the box art as the lampshade. This is utterly brilliant.

Looks like he’s going to be making a few of them to sell to a lucky handful. If you’re interested I would suggest sending him a message at AtariAge. As far as prices are concerned…a fully customized one will run you $225 (using his materials and games) but if you opt for one which features the games you supply him with it be slightly cheaper at $150. He has two more available so if you really want one I’d message him quickly.

After a month of painstaking work on the part of Monkey Labs, I have completed a production sample of the Atari 2600 Lamp. This was a massive effort and a really fun project on my part, and now that I’ve gotten a viable product completed and I’m getting some stock for creation, I am going to create a limited edition production run of 5 Atari lamps. These lamps are amazing. They look absolutely phenomenal in a game room and are a great addition to any swank Atari bachelor pad. These lamps feature a one-of-a-kind handmade custom Atari lampshade featuring Atari box scans from AtariAge and cartridges of the user’s choosing.


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