And finally! I almost hate to be this happy about someone going home but there was just something about Aaron that I didn’t care for. I’m sorry buddy…you were just too wee, too small, not really a boy but certainly not a man. I will say that he was talented in his own right….and would blow me out of the water so what can I say, but man…he just irked me.

Now we’re down to just 4 peeps. Crystal and Casey have been my favorites from the get go and I certainly think one of them will win. I would prefer Casey being our Idol but I could easily see Mrs. Bowersox trumping the rest. I feel Mike is the one to go this next week…it’s not even really a question. If Lee can keeps going like he did this week he’ll stay for another. Next week’s theme is songs from movies…we’ll see what they choose.


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