So LOST is down to it’s final episode. The epic six season series is coming to an end and hopefully we will get some questions answered and some of us will be able to sleep a little easier not having to ponder on “how” and “whys”.

There are degrees of fandom and a few crazy LOST followers have made some pretty amazing finale paraphernalia. How great would it be to party with the likes of geeks who have taken the time to pull off efforts like these? I found some awesome Dharma t-shirts and even a sweet Dharma laptop decal if you’re looking to up your geek quotient.

These amazing finale invitations come from Jamiesrabbits. They come sealed in a Oceanic envelope and are accompanied by a letter on official Oceanic letterhead.

From Art Gillespie comes this fantastic spread of Dharma Initiative beer, peanut butter and Ranch dressing. Also possibly the happiest little Dharma baby ever (we all know that babies on the Island do have the greatest reputation).

Here are a few more incredible LOST finale invitations. What do you have planned for the most amazing 2 1/2 hours of the entire decade? Are you going to be watching it with family and friends at a large gathering? Or are you like me and can’t stand anyone else talking during the show whatsoever so plan on being in solitary the whole time? You could always head down to your local pub if they’re throwing a finale party.

How about some Dharma beer and cola, MacCutcheon Scotch Whiskey, Apollo chocolate bars, and chicken from Mr. Cluck’s!

…and what better way to end all the hoopla than a delicious LOST cake. This one was made by Chef Duff at Charm City Cakes (of Food Network fame).


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