Since the 50′s, a lot has changed in way of women’s rights and their duties in and out of the house. I highly doubt any company could get away with phrases like “The Chef [mixer] does everything but cook – that’s what wives are for!” nowadays. Or how about an ad agency pitching a company an idea of a wife bent over her husband’s knee as he prepares to spank her.

I must admit, although these are sexist and not very appropriate (but still funny nonetheless), which would you prefer…these or the horribly racy ads that are prevalent currently? If you think these are bad then how do you feel about something like this?

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  • d bourdeau says:


  • Ted says:

    So which ad is the sexist one?

  • Joey Dean says:

    Wow, what a trip down Memory lane that was!


  • joel says:

    There's nothing worse than burnt beer.

  • Helena Brunner says:

    D Bourdeau,

    Your insecurity likely stems from your feelings of inadequacy as a man. Get some psychological help. Perhaps a doctor can convince you to be happy with yourself so that you will stop trying to feel better by putting down others. Let me guess…racist too?

  • giovani says:

    whats funny is if you pay attention this kind of stuff still exists. When you see a commercial for a product that cleans something in the house, or has to do with cooking, who do you see in that commercial. Always a female. Same goes with racial stereotypes. In my mind it seems like not a lot has changed and either we got better at disguising it, or people or just being plain ignorant.

  • lindsey c says:


    please dont be this type of man. its completely outdated, and was never necessary.

  • Jessica says:


    This sexism really does exist nowadays, but I think women are still pigen-holed into cleaning and baby products whereas non-whites get to play ad roles like bosses and wealthy consumers.

    Like the ad for bleach where the woman 'gets' to clean her brother's bathroom. That came out this year. Who thrives on cleaning filthy bachelor bathrooms?

    Likewise, when does an ad set in a supermarket feature a man? Only when it involves beer.

    Because market research shows that men do not raise children, clean or shop for clothing, just as women do not drink beer, drive trucks, or have employees.

    • Michael says:

      Jessica, I think any ad agency claiming that their "market research" has reflected that men don't enjoy raising kids, shopping for clothes, or cleaning, are only conducting their research in very biased locations.

      Me and a lot of my guy friends love children, cleaning, and shopping. I certainly can't speak for all men, but I will say this…

      If a guy can't take responsibility for his children, his clothes, or his pad, he's a useless douche. People need to stop tolerating that behavior. I say to those people, grow the fuck up and get with the program.

  • Lolz says:

    Ah the good ole days

  • Crasken says:

    "Helena Brunner" – I'm pretty sure "d bourdeau" was joking. Loosen up please.

  • gn0x says:

    "Or how about an ad agency pitching a company an idea of a wife bent over her husband’s knee as he prepares to spank her."

    That all depends… if the ad agency is pitching to an adult store on some new toys, it might work out pretty well…

  • Wow. I had no idea that they were so concerned with douching and feminine hygiene back in the day. I mean WTF?

  • Jcn says:

    I can't wait to buy these products, especially the one where I blow in her face. They owe us a rib.

  • TheRealist says:

    Here's what I love most about the ads. It is a piece of history whether anyone likes it or not. This shows the thought processes back in that day which is far from the reality of now. Things aren't perfect but they are a lot better.

    Obviously this was posted to illicit a response. People with feable minds are easily manipulated into being provoked. CNN does this all the time. The smart people are initially shocked at the content but quickly see the sick humor and have to laugh. In my office, men and women equally laughed quite hard at this. There was even some awesome qips back and forth out of complete jest.

    If we can't laugh at the things in our past, we'll never grow up. Living with fear and anger never promotes growth. We look back and laugh at what was done throughout the ages. We never forget the old stupidity of the past and instead focus on new stupidity of tomorrow which others will laugh at.

    Everyone, take a moment and step back and laugh. otherwise line up for an interview with Wolf Blitzer and his "situation room"

    LOL!! – Simply awesome!!

    • CG says:

      Yeah, that's not funny. Still hurtful, still shitty. Still felt regularly. Ask how many African Americans are giggling at old blackface performances.

      • Justin says:

        I am. But then I'm a bit racist against myself.

        Also, I along with many blacks, prefer the term black. I've never been to Africa, I'm at least 5 generations removed from anyone that came over from Africa.

    • Rob L says:

      @ TheRealist: bang on! These are classic old ads, and these responses to them are just as classic! I think we have to laugh at the fact that our forefathers, in all their wisdoms, still had some pretty f**ked up beliefs!

      Too funny…

  • Bri B says:

    Wow, d bourdeau, mature. I can probably guess your age just by reading this; 5. Now grow the hell up, you sexist bastard.

    Oh, yeah. Get some help.

  • Andre says:

    I guess douching was really important back then.

  • Mike says:

    @ Helena

    Your judgmental and reverse sexists comments disgust me. I don't think you realized that he was just continuing with the theme of this post which is sexism and making a joke of this outdated print advertisements. It's obvious that you missed the boat and probably have most of your life. We all now know that you yourself are insecure and are probably that type of person who goes berserk and takes comments that are directed at you way out of context and goes on a offensive rampage at men. I bet you live alone with three cats, don't you? I think it's time you go see a doctor and get physiological help. The sad part is it seems like you are already beyond help.

    • GabrielD says:

      Physiological help? "We all now know" that you are an idiot.

      Just because he was continuing with the theme, that doesn't make what he said either funny or appropriate. What it does is make it is sexist. Helena was not being sexist- but you are. And for the record, I have three cats (even thought I don't live alone) so you can just suck it.

    • Synne says:

      I do agree that the comment she directed at the guy was rather hostile, however I think there is a problem in the fact that offensive or insensitive statements are made with humour as an excuse- in the end, all it ends up doing is letting people think its normal to hurt other peoples' feelings as long as its funny.

      This in no way is of course directed at you- I'm merely replying here in relation to make a point.

  • Homer Jazz says:

    Get over it people.

    These ads from the past and even ads from today are marketing products geared toward the consumers most likely to buy them…

    So in these cases, yes, a woman was more likely to receive or buy a kitchen appliance back in the 1950s, because, that's just how society functioned. Whereas, a man is more likely to buy or receive a case of beer in today's world than a woman.

    Call it sexism if you wish, but I call it commercialism.

    • CG says:

      As of modern times, there is really no differentiating between sexism and commercialism. See also: 2010 Superbowl.

    • Henry says:

      Holy naivete. Obviously something can be both "commercialism" and an expression of sexist attitudes at once. Unpack your privilege, buddy, and get a life.

  • Rick in Boyle Height says:

    I don't see the problem…

  • Tom says:

    And remember the 8 words to make a marriage last, ladies:

    long hair

    stay thin

    sex anytime

    shut up

  • Mickey says:

    Douching with Lysol? I think I would rather stick a fork in my eye, thanks.

  • isaiah bravo says:

    Now the adds are reversed and men are made to look stupid and helpless.

    • lizzie says:

      I concur that ads today go the opposite way! I take no offense in the present year to ads geared towards the society of a different time. It's funny, laugh it up. I take more offense to ads that make men look stupid and helpless. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want in a man is someone inassertive and ignorant…

  • morgino says:

    Funny how this stuff has come full circle, ads now always make the guy look like the a douche

  • Ug says:

    I regularly spank my wife. Whats the big deal? After she has finished her crying I find that she gives better wifely service. Once a week she even gets it with a strap.

  • James says:

    @ Mike

    "Your judgmental and reverse sexists comments disgust me"

    Wow did you just eat your own words or what!! Pathetic woman hating fool.

  • Bob D says:

    @giovani – That's because women are still the target market for most cleaning/household supplies and appliances. Marketers arent going to advertise to segments that don't typically buy their product. I wouldn't call it necessarily sexist. There are plenty of products marketed specifically towards males in the same way.

  • dhaft88 says:

    life was much more simple back then.. :D

  • M says:


    Yeah, I can't believe that they advised women to use Lysol as a douche either. As you can imagine, women died or got seriously hurt doing that.

  • Jessi says:

    Wow Lysol sounds great, but I bet foaming oven cleaner would help with the more hard to reach areas. Especially since I wont be needing it on the oven anymore now that my husband bought me an awesome new Sears Kenmore self cleaning stove!

  • j00d says:

    some of the women bitching in the comments should douche their mouths, wtf. settle down vagina warriors

    • CG says:

      You try and settle down while a bunch of bigots shit on you and laugh at it.

    • VJJ Warrior with apr says:

      In any city where women are walked all over, paid less, forced to cook and bear children… Never fear for the VJJ Warrior is here. Not just a feminist but a protector of the rights of all women kind. Within a moment this hairy lesbian cape wielding woman can put a man in his place and make him cry. Look up young girls you have a new role model. You don’t have to cook or clean or be part of a functional family unit or hell, you don’t even have to douche, just enjoy your smelly prowess as a woman knowing that you have the power between your legs.


      Vagina Warrior

      (props to j00d)

  • Reggie says:

    "You can conveniently replace anything she uses to stop the car. Even the brakes."

    ROTFL!! Awesome…

  • Shinju says:

    Q: What do you say to a woman with two black eyes?

    A: Nothing, you've already told her twice.

    • Antoinette D. H. says:

      You won't have to tell her once, next time. Apparently, women are actually gaining minds.

      Careful, though. Once they get minds, they start getting ideas. That's when you get them pregnant, so no matter what running away isn't much of an option and all of their dream money is wasted of kids.

      Some advice when you finally catch one. They are growing very clever…

  • James says:


    I know you're trying to be funny, but you're not. Jokes about abusing women are not funny at all. Grow up dude. How would you like your mother being treated like that? Not cool.

  • Jessi says:

    Q: How long does it take for a man to make dinner?

    A: As long as it takes for him to get out the belt.

  • Farrah says:

    Just have to give my two cents too.

    Society is still sexist and prejudiced even if many people are not. Just look how most people react to what I do for a living. I mean an Asian female working with all male criminals. Hell, I've even met men who tell me that I'm not truly a woman because of what I do. The fact is though thatcI choose this and refuse to give it up because society thinks I should. I'm secure enough in who I am to tell him not to let the door hit him in the a**. History is history but remember it's hard to change the sterotypes, even 50 yrs later.

  • Francis says:

    Helen, lighten up.

    Bri B, lighten up.

    James, lighten the hell up.

    "Funny" is a wholly subjective idea. I laughed out loud at most of the jokes people made, even the sarcastically sexist ones. If you didn't find the humour in it, then don't laugh. But don't bother giving the WHOLE INTERNET a courtesy lecture.

    I love my mother very much, and revere all the women in my life. I respect them as people and value them as equals. The reason these things can be funny is because a) they were a real part of our lives at a time way back when, and b) aren't anymore. Sure, advertisers still appeal to the same demographic stereotypes, but clearly we, as a society, have come a long way in terms of gender equality issues — not all the way, but still quite a ways.

    The jokes don't insinuate that the tellers are sexist themselves, it suggests that they find the silliness in having that sort of gender-imbalanced mentality.

    So, really, lighten the fuck up.

    • CG says:

      You don't get it.

    • Antoinette D. H. says:

      Thank you! I enjoy that you share a similar belief with me on this particular subject. You see, I am a optimistic smartass, so certain jokes are not politically correct enough for them, and in turn I get chewed up and spit out… So, thank you for making it clear for the denser of us!

  • luke says:


    ted, ug, and tom, you guys are a fricking riot

  • John says:

    I don't think people who think the comments so far are offensive have been on the internet very long.

  • I think "Don't Worry,Darling, You Didn't Burn the Beer" is a message for the ages

  • carol h. says:

    You noticed of course that back then there was rarely if ever, ads aimed at men on how to keep a woman happy. Back then the responsibility in the marriage and relationship was always the woman's. A man could get fat with a beer gut, be a drunk or worse, but all the advise columns geared toward the woman to fix it. To dance faster, to cook better, to look better etc.

    All the manuals for a marriage or sex were mostly written by men. And a man was told, if he ever read one, just to be gentle with the wife, but not to expect her to enjoy sex either. And if by some remote chance she did, and voiced desire, he thought she was loose. This attitude did not change until woman's lib in the late 60's or during the 70's when a woman was finally given permission to like sex and to ask for her share of the climax.

    As for the feminine hygiene products no doctor would prescribe now what they did then. Diluted bleach and Lysol liquid. Talk about torture of a woman's insides. And if you ever saw a man make a dinner it was akin to a miracle.

    I remember the lady next door was a strict catholic and her husband a good provider used to get drunk on weekends and beat her. She was a mass of bruises every Monday. She went to her Catholic priest, but instead of yelling at the husband, he told her to pray to God. He told her how lucky she was, because her was a good provider. And just think, the only price she paid was a weekly beating. Last I heard from her daughter she was happy as a clam. Her husband had finally died.

    One final word. Until the most recent 70's rape was also a woman's fault. The way she dressed or wore makeup or was walking home or even in her own bed from husband or stranger. And guess what? In many quarters it still is. That's my rant!!

    • LOL says:

      Stop repeating turdy stuff you heard on TV…

      Think by yourself.

      Anyway, you should meet other people. US people can sometimes be so self-centered they tend to make clichés… turning them into the douchebags they are actually fighting.

    • Uncontainable Spirit says:

      You're absolutely correct, the advise given to men was to work until you died or go to the military and risk death. Either way your death would continue to take care of the woman and children.

  • Sally says:

    Vagina Warrior – LMAO

  • BobTL says:


    I know you're trying to be politically correct and everything, but Shinju's joke was pretty funny. Grow up, dude. My mother thought it was funny.

  • Frenzied says:

    Q: Why can't a lesbian diet and wear makeup at the same time?

    A: because she can't have Mary Kay on her face and eat Jenny Craig at the same time.

  • Pete says:

    What does "WIFE" stand for?

    W ashing

    I roning

    F ucking

    E tcetera

    • Henry says:

      What does "Pete" stand for?





      • #1 Henry Fan says:

        hahaha ROTFL!!! bwaahhahaha GO HENRY!!! FTW!!!

        sorry i just can't stop laughing at what you said. it's brilliant, henry. and that pete is soo dumb. hahaha.

  • Bobby says:

    Some of these are kind of offensive, but they were probably pretty funny in the cultural environment of the time. Let's not forget that the point here is to sell products….if sexist humor was the way to do that, well, so be it. We've come a long way.

  • critch says:

    chill guys, its just a joke :)

    • brandy says:

      It's funny to YOU. But it's OFFENSIVE to the majority. Thank God we've moved past that chauvinist phase in history. It's now a woman's world.

  • jake says:

    A sammich. Make me one!

  • Ian says:

    @TheRealist you are spot on with having to laugh at the past and move on. Accepting that is how it was, and also realising that some of our older generation still have not let go of this

    As for the ads, have to laugh as my wife actually loves our new pyrolytic self cleaning oven… (probably me the most as I clean it!!)

  • Jorge Pereira says:

    Is this still a sample of US society? In Europe, particularly in Scandinavian countries, men take care of children and household as much as women do – they both have careers. Also helps that they both can take an equal amount of paid leave from work (months). Heck, I even know guys who are currently unemployed, so they stay home and do the cleaning while the wife goes to work – that's just business as usual nowadays.

    Even in typically chauvinistic countries like Spain and Portugal, there is a large segment of men my age that take equal care of the household. That may simply be a reflection of the fact that you can no longer provide for the household alone, so both in the couple have a job and have to share responsibilities. Most of my 30yo friends with children would fall into this category.

    You go into a supermarket in Europe, and you see both men and women pictured in ads – that's just the norm nowadays. It's shocking that in the US (and I've been there recently) is falling behind in cultural terms, particularly in the less urbanized areas.

  • WheresMySandwich? says:

    Why are women here leaving comments? They should be in the kitchen making sandwiches.

  • spamtacular says:

    lol good shit

  • Jane says:

    By 2060 we will see these ads with the women dominating the men. And these are not horrible.

  • Rachell says:

    WoW! Thank the heavens that times have changed! Can I post to my facebook/blog with a reference 2 u?

  • Michael says:

    Oh nice, the ancient times ;) Reminds me a lot of the "Mad Men" series.

  • Michael says:

    hehe… nice collection. The, "blow in her face" one was a classic!! ;D

  • Richard says:

    @Jane: Women will never dominate men. Sorry luv.

  • Shinju says:

    Q: Why did the woman cross the road?

    A: Never mind that…what the hell is she doing out of the kitchen!?!

  • Creatrix says:

    If you're going to show vintage sexist ads, it's only fair to show vintage racist ads. They're equally as offensive today, and equally valid for posting. Or is racism not as funny? And if not, why not? They're both intolerant stereotyping.

  • Rebecca says:

    wow this stuff is awesome!!!! i love the one where the husband is threatening to beat her for the wrong coffee!!!!

    • SickGrrlVera says:

      I agree! I mean yes, it is sexist stuff but you have to have a sense of humor about it. I have to admit most of these made me laugh out loud.

  • Kevin says:

    @Creatrix Calm down, these are just to show what was socially acceptable at one time and how far we have some today. And yes if these were racist ads they would still be as interesting to see. Its nice to see how much our society has evolved.

  • MOJOEJOEJO says:


  • George Dunmore says:

    Sorry I don't get it – what's wrong with these ads?

  • Candace says:

    Well, we hope it's come far, at least. These may not be in our ad's anymore, Thank God, but many, many people still feel this way towards women and most of those are proud of their old-fashioned narrow-mindedness. "Jokes" like this still happen in my family. Still, it makes me glad I didn't live back then.

  • Creatine says:

    @Creatrix: You should start the website showing vintage racist ads. I'd check it out!

  • Varga Avalon says:

    I agree with Creatrix and hei kevin; "how much our society has evolved" ?? Has it really…you are American I assume…?! HA!

    These were outrageously hilarious, but of course I am independent and Scandinavian woman who makes her own rules… I have seen and heard this shit still happening in so many families and let me tell you, THAT IS NOT -AT ALL – funny! I can only wonder how the hell some women can live with that crap?

    Yep, like Creatrix said, this kinda BS seem to be allowed to be laughed at but who has balls to collect same kind of adds about black/white racist ads?

  • Brett says:

    Hey Richard, wake up buddy. This is a womans world, and it's only headed more that direction.

  • While of course this is a great article…one (as a woman) can't help to feel offended. How incredible the difference in generations and what was known for clever advertising back them compared to what we have now.

  • Morpheus says:

    Why you didn't post feminist ads that ridicule men?

    • Uncontainable Spirit says:

      Surely you jest, feminists NEVER do anything wrong. They would NEVER ridicule men. lol!

      • Synne says:

        Reply to your other comment:

        I pity you for thinking feminism is geared towards women. Because in part it still is sexism toward male- this we call, radical feminism. However, there are other more known streams of feminism that do not concern with female supremacy but deals with equality for everyone, especially those who are in a difficult position to speak for themselves. Ignorance is tolerable, but needless aggrevation, is not.

        On the other hand, I do agree it should be called Equalism now that it isn't just about gender. Many modern "feminists" believe so too. Just don't be an a**wipe about it.

  • Tom says:

    Wow…the angry feminism in here is even funnier than the ads. Check out ads today: If there's an idiot, it's the man. If there's ineptness, it's the man. And, to the angry race-baiters: 99% of the time, it's a WHITE man. Is there a segment of society that's still racist or misogynist? Yes. And there always will be. But a lot of the racism is against WHITE people now. And there's plenty of misanthropy, too. Put the pendulum in the middle, and leave it there, please. These ads are funny because we know how wrong they are. Two wrongs won't make it right. Next time you see an ad (or a sit-com) with a man and a woman, try switching the dialogue around. You'll be amazed at how offensive it is. Then realize: we've come quite far enough, thank you.

    • Crystal says:

      It's painful that people can't seem to grasp the concept that feminism means gender EQUALITY. As in, today's ads featuring moronic men are just as sexist and inappropriate as these ads. I would never argue that they aren't. The only thing I would point out is that white males have been in a position of power for, oh I don't know, all of human history. Women have always been relegated to the sidelines.

      • Uncontainable Spirit says:

        IF… and I mean IF… feminism were about equality then it wouldn't be called 'FEMINISM'… maybe Humanism or something of the sort would be more appropriate. But no… it's called feminism because at it's core it only cares about women.

      • Seriously says:

        @Crystal: I would encourage you to do some research on your history. Some of the greatest societies in human history were run by women. Some of the greatest historical figures in human history were also women. There were many "white" men who were enslaved by other cultures for centuries. Ask the Irish how they were treated when they first came to America. Please don't allow your self pity and feeble attempt to make white men feel guilt to destroy the obvious facts of human history. Human history is rich and storied with great and powerful female characters. The only problem with that is it doesn't fit in to the limited view you have of history. It also doesn't fit in with your argument that white men have somehow managed to "control" the development of global affairs and societies for eons. To deny the great women of our past in your comment, is doing just as great an injustice as the most sexist man on the planet.

    • Henry says:

      Tom's penis size is what is truly funny.

  • Ella says:

    "although these are sexist and not very appropriate (but still funny nonetheless)"

    No they're not. I definitely agree with Creatrix and Varga Avalon. I find it interesting how some people think they're, "just humour", "harmless" or "hilarious". (The fact that you described them as "vintage" tells a lot.) I'm not against publishing and spreading of these kind of photos but I don't find them particularly amusing, either. Perhaps it would be easier for me to laugh at them if I had't ever experienced sexist discrimination or harassment myself.

    • Werescrewed says:

      If you can't laugh about anything and you can't understand why people do and still are nice and civilized persons, well you're mind is just stuck in a little box. You are exactly the same as the "sexist" people you're anoyed by. You can't detach yourself of what you are and what you experienced for a minute, you're a sheep. You take yourself too seriously.

      With that kind of irresponsable attitude, we find ourselves in a situation we shitting bombs on kids heads all around the world yelling "Hell yeah America, let's get those terrorist bastards !!! Wouhouuu !!!"

      Anyway, I HAD a little trisomic brother who died few years ago from a heart misformation (you think your life is hard ? Think about his…) and I laugh every time I heard a joke about handicaped people.

      My mom is dead by cancer when I was 14, loce cancer jokes.

      I'm kinda f***king concerned by those subject don't you think ? But I'm still laughing ??!! Am I a monster ?

      Breathe people, breathe… You can (have to !) laugh about everything, but I seems it's not possible with everybody…

      • Ellie K says:

        There are lots of good people who work in hospitals all day: the nurses, LPN's, orderlies, janitors. Many of these kind patient caregivers tell all sorts of tacky, gross jokes when they're on break or at home. It doesn't mean they're insensitive or evil. It's a way of coping with emotions and sorrow.

        This post was titled "horribly sexist vintage ads". That's fair warning what they'r about, and that they are shown for ironic effect. I'm a woman, I see these, I laugh at most because I realize that things have changed a lot, else we WOULD still be seeing ads like these today! And I do find some so old fashioned and silly funny.

  • Ella says:

    Cut the crap, Tom. Ads or tv programs that portray some random (white) man as a fool are not comparable to racist or misogynist material for the simple reson that being a (white) male is still considered neutral. That is, if he is a fool it's not _because_ he's a (white) man.

  • James says:

    @ Francis

    So if this article was about slavery and a bunch of people posted comments using the N word and making fun of blacks it would be ok and "funny" because it was "in the past" and "doesn't happen anymore"?

    There is no need to "lighten up", because some of the comments were not funny, that shit still happens. Women still get abused. Wake the fuck up!

  • Thomas says:

    The fact that any of you commenting on this thread are willing to accept ANY form of discrimination as "tolerable," (whether it be "neutral" or "vintage" or whatever other buzzword you closet bigots choose to employ) is more telling on the sick nature of humanity in general, a sickness that knows no boundaries of gender, race or any other delineation.

    Advertising, for all of its pervasive influence, is primarily a reaction to perceived beliefs about the social mores of the day. While it is a shameful and vile practice to utilize such social underpinnings for the sake of profit, they have the unfortunate side-effect of presenting the most negative aspects of our culture in a basic light…

    …we're ALL disgusting, judgmental and prejudicial monsters. That some of you seek to marginalize any one as more repellant than another is testament only to the level of delusion you suffer as to your own personal failings.

    Forget racism, sexism, etc – human nature is the villain. You don't need to compartmentalize it any further than that.

    • nomadq says:

      Do you cut yourself for "fun"?

      • GabrielD says:

        Wow, making fun of people who cut! You must be a model citizen! And by that I mean what the hell is wrong with you?

        Suicide and self harm are very serious. Your comment here is rude and thoughtless, and attaches shame to people whose lives are clearly hard enough already.

    • wakeup says:

      It's truly hilarious to see all these feminists getting upset over silly ads that were created forty or more years ago, while today in muslim countries a woman can be murdered by her family for the offense of being seen in public with a male who is not a family member.

      If only these feminists had the courage to direct their outrage at something that is truly offensive, instead of getting upset over a stupid ad for a vacuum cleaner.

  • Mandi says:

    People need to calm the f-ck down. These ads are hilarious.

    Don't take your internets too seriously, m'kay?

    BTW, these ads are like Hitler. (booyah Godwin's law)

  • Shinju says:

    I've noticed that there are several women posting on this site.

    Dinner isn't going to cook itself, you know…

  • Tanyuu says:


    I hate the commercials that portray men as being dumb as much as anyone, but why can't we say we dislike both? Why do we have to choose between ads portraying women as weak creatures who can't drive and need to be spanked by their husband for not getting the coffee just right and ads where men are clueless apes that can't do house chores and need a woman to cook and clean for them? I dislike them both.

    Both use cheap tactics at humor, and the downside is that stereotypes are enforced.

  • Leah says:

    I just threw-up in my mouth.

    The disrespect of the past reminded me of

    when my ex-husband spit in my face.

    (Note that I said X-husband).


  • Leah says:


  • Devonlynne says:

    I am a feminist, and even i think some of them are funny. but only in the fact that tho they were printing ads like this, women had alot of control. Back then sure women stayed home but the men didnt do a damn thing without a womans advice.. and because of that they had to reinforce theyre power but printing stupid ads like this….

    And for alot of people these days laughing at ads like this and finding the humour in it is the best way to rationalize what they are seeing. its how they cope with things that are harder to deal with.

    • Antoinette D. H. says:


      My view of feminism is no longer as narrow as it once was because of your comment. I am one of the only girls of my generation who isn't a feminist (or rather, just in my area). Here's how I see it; people are people, gender unbiased, and life is sweet.

      However, now I know that not all feminists are crazy. I'm not one to judge, but any time anyone would announce themselves as a feminist, I would run and hide before I was reminded of how I was a failure as a woman. Had WAY too many bad experiences with the crazies.

      Again, THANK YOU.

      • Synne says:

        Sounds like you were just mislead (like 99% of the population) about feminism. Contrary to popular belief, feminism isn't actually about Female Power. The core beliefs of real feminism is about human equality. It just happened to be called feminism at the time it was established because gender inequality was the first issue people gathered to start up an awareness movement about. What most people relate feminism to is a branch off of feminism known as Radical Feminism. Pretty much, using "gender equality" as an excuse to pursue the belief that women should be of higher power. This is what gives us feminists a bad image.

        Oh and feminists are not necessarily females either, I know a lot of guys who are strong believers of feminism.

  • Steph says:

    As a woman I find these ads freekin' hilarious. It really does show how far we have come. And relax ladies … one day when we dominate the world men will be showing vintage clips of "The Man Show" from Spike TV outraged that we let such stereotypes exist on television once upon a time.

  • Jen says:

    These ads may be blatantly sexist but a lot of ads today are just as bad in the way they objectify and eroticize women. While we may not have ads anymore that blatantly relegate women to the kitchen or blame them for a failure to satisfy their man, we still haven't really come all that far. The people here who posted that they don't understand why the ads are offensive simply prove that point.

  • mira says:

    omg…..amazing how far we have come in 50 plus years. it's almost vulgar to see and read it!

  • Tiago Lopes says:

    Humor is only humor IF who ever is receiving the message doesn't have a a "gun ready to shoot".

    Too many arguments here about how wrong these comercials are.

    The humor here IS NOT about the women, is on the MEN that promoted this type of RIDICULOUS comercials…. retarded? yes, retarded is a very good word.

    I laugh because the comercials are ridiculous.

    @varga: creatix has a good point, and in a way I agree with him, unfortunately I think society has not reached the level of consciensness regarding racism as it has in sexism.

    Regarding your comment towards kevin… you are assuming he is american… that's just wrong, in my prespective…. try not to esterotype people…

    If you want to see good humor, where impartiality is core,check "dylan moran" and remember, that yes, sarcasm is a type of humor… just like this collection.

    5 stars Oral Adams!

    Cheers everyone,


    PS-I like independent women, so 5 stars to varga on that point!

    • GabrielD says:

      I just want to ask you to examine your language here and realize that using the word retarded helps to reinforce stigma on people who have been diagnosed with any sort of mental disorder.

      Other words you could use here are: “ridiculous,” “silly,” “horrible,” “unintelligent,” “bigotted,”etc.

  • techweenie says:

    When certain political groups say they 'want their country back,' I think these ads show what they have in mind.

  • Richard says:

    @Steph: What do you call a woman with an opinion?

    A: Wrong.

  • Basic says:

    Q: Why do women smaller feet?

    A: So they can get closer to the stove, and sink.

  • Exodia says:


  • Erin says:

    @Creatrix STFU…… its a bit amusing fun, not a political statement! why because the OP does one does he HAVE to do the other?! Thats ridiculous….

    @Mandi I totally agree!

  • Amelia says:

    Our culture has not evolved… women just make most of the money and buy most of the stuff now. It's all target marketing. Besides, spanking isn't always a bad thing :)

  • anotherman says:

    Clearly Richard is right, even my gf agrees (at least I think, she is busy doing the dishes!)

  • anotherman's gf says:

    Clearly anotherman is sleeping alone tonight :) It's okay, I forgot to use my Lysol anyway.

  • Liuby says:

    I'm so glad we have come this incredible long way since those ads…. I don't know how women back then could tolerate so much disrespect!!! I'm feeling really bad for my grandmas right now… Wow!

    Funny though.

  • George Dunmore says:

    To Devon Lynne. Opening your comment with "I am a feminist" guarantees that no man will read your comment. Not one male on this planet cares that you are a feminist. To men, calling yourself a feminist, is like saying, "I am cold, with no sense of humour".

  • How can you break 14 fingernails?

    • lady grey says:

      Because she can't do math.

      See I'm a woman, and I can poke fun at a stereotype.

      Some of these ads were offensive; Suggesting that you should spank/beat your wife for not getting the right brand of coffee is outrageous.

      • wakeup says:

        In muslim countries, wife beating isn't outrageous at all, it's an ordinary part of everyday life.

  • Bekke says:

    Thanks Shinju – keep stirring mate, very good. Made me laugh so you did :)

  • Dan says:

    I am a man and I am proud to hear of women who call themselves "feminist." It means that women are given a voice to stand up for what they believe in, whether it is to be the future president or be the stay at home mom. Back in the day when one of the parents stayed home to tend to the child care we had fewer problems with violence. I am extremely happy to see and hear of more “Mr. Mom” in existence and I give them Kudos to be able to stand up and admit that they are not to macho to stay at home.

    I never liked the fact that it was ever acceptable for a man to beat his wife and kids with out fear of repercussion. And you can see such innuendos in shows like "Leave it to Beaver" and "The Honey Mooners." And as for the beer ad, have we really gone as far as we hope? Look in your local liquor store and you will most likely see some sort of ad like that. But on the other side look at the most recent Old Spice ads that aired during the super bowl. They expose a man like a piece of meat but are portraying a similar message as some of these ads. We are not as far as we want to be but we are getting closer.

    I am happy to admit that my "better half" is truly my better half and has kept me from doing some things that would have been extremely stupid. I am willing to admit that men are still as primitive today as they were back in the Stone Age. We are programmed to be hunters and providers. It has been that way for many centuries and we have that time to combat. And the only way we can win is to teach our children to be respectful of ALL people no matter what gender, color, or race. That is how i am trying to raise my kids. And the one thing that I am worried most about in my battle to raise my kids in that manner is rap music. Rap is the one genre of music that I personally feel is the most disrespectful media that surrounds our world. (That I will reserve for another time)

    (and he steps of his soap box)

    • kingfisher says:

      we're so grateful for being given that voice and that Kudos! how would you like us to show our gratitude?

    • Jeremiah says:

      Sorry, Dan. Your girlfriend lied to you; you're not a man. Now get off the soapbox, get out some soap, and start cleaning the bathroom.

  • Rox says:

    Hey George Dunmor…

    Wake up and smell the coffee (assume you make it yourself ;-) a lot of males on this planet (I'm one of them) call themselves feminist and would defently read the article. We do care a lot about gender equality. We can and will care about all opinions regardless of who writes them. That men in general would think 'a feminist woman' 'cold and without sense of humour' is indeed old-fashioned in this day and age.

    Gender egalitarianism ftw!

  • Alan / Planet Realit says:

    There is clearly two ways to view these old ads.

    On face value they are simply funny because they are so ridiculous.

    Or you can dig a little deeper and question the thought process back then.

    I suspect either blind contempt of women by mysogynist advertisers or possibly something a little more sinister, fear of the bourgeoning equality women were rightly gaining. For centuries men had power but worldwide they also shared latent fear of the real power women possesed whether they knew it or not. Whichever both equally pathetic.

    To Devon Lynne you would be best to simply state that you are a person who stands up for their rights otherwise you run the risk of trivialising your 'cause' which remember opines equality. Increasingly many 'femenists' are perceived as militant intent on dominating men. Isn't this behaviour exactly what you have been fighting against all these years?.

  • adam says:

    Advertising just isn't how it used to be…

  • tina says:


    LOL — i was wondering the same thing. maybe women also used their feet to clean up stoves back then? :-)

    george, your ignorance of what feminism is about is showing. a little reading goes a long way; so does a little thinking.

    and what's up with all the "feminine hygiene" ads?! pretty hilarious. are we to suppose that back then what cooled off a couple's sex life was not that the man was banging his secretary (ok, it's a cheap shot, i know), it was because his wife stunk down under? LOL. imagine the many wives who bought that one…

  • John says:

    These are indeed hilarious.

    And Tom's comment is spot on.

  • Rox says:


    I don't belive in conspiracy theories.

    The sad fact is that advertisement only reflects society and it's current values at that time. True, by doing so it confirmes and strengthens these values, but the purpose of advertisement is, primarily, to sell stuff. This is the hard contex in wich you always have to interpret it.

    The people behind these adds were not out to surpess women, they were hired to make an add that sold a product. That they more or less consciencely were chauvinists because of their general upbringing and society as whole is the reason why the adds look like they do, but they just wanted to market a product.

    This subconscious chauvinism (that still is around in many ways) is far worse than the conscious variant. Most people are not even aware that they are upholding a suppressive thoughtsystem by their daily actions. (This goes for all genders and races and is applicaple to all sorts of bigotry in the world.)

    THIS is the real challange, NOT any male-chuvinist (or other) conscious conspiracy.

    Always remember Hanlon's Razor :

    'Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.'

    • Ben says:

      I am amazed at how 'airiated' some of the correspondents are. Probably because they were not alive when many of the ads were current. At turned 80 I could have expected to have seen all of these ads, but have not (particularly Lysol et al) but these were almost certainly American (do not start me on my opinion there – most reject evolution in favour of 'Intelligent Design', and just look at the many stupidities of some of our [and other animals] design features).

      My mother's life centred on the home – and me. My father worked all the hours available to earn a pittance. Any spare time would be spent gardening or making furniture in his shed.. At the end of the week he handed over his pay packet to Mum. I believe my (maternal) grandfather did the same. Both Mum and Gran were the 'brains' and took all the decisions.

      Despite these examples I accepted that men were superior to women. The union I joined was selected because it was fighting 'equal pay'. My wife was never treated as other than equal however. I never did housework or looked after the children because I was busy – when not working – doing my jobs around the house & garden, decorating, constructing, motor-cycle/car maintenance, gardening (the latter, no more than absolutely necessary).

      That was life. The ads did no more than reflect it.

      (Incidentally. Sex for women was not invented during the 60s or 70s!)

  • Shinju says:

    Interesting bit of trivia: Did you know that Supergirl hasn't actually got a cape? She just turned her apron around..

  • rchee says:

    Rox – You make great points. I agree with you that you can't simply chalk these ads up to malice alone…

    However, doesn't the filter that we are seeing these ads through today (i.e. 2010; our post-feminist era lens) allow us to take a different view of this so called "stupidity" or ignorance suggested in Hanlon's Razor? At what point do we as society stop accepting stupidity/ignorance as a stand-alone excuse and instead, place culpability on the very people who are maintaining and perpetuating these sexist ideas? Sure, the advertisers were just trying to make money and are appealing to a culture that, in theory and likely according to market research, would buy such products because of these stereotyped ads. But that doesn't make it acceptable in my mind. What is missing from your statements is the degree to which these ads continue to reinforce, re-create, and re-institutionalize negative stereotypes about women (by men and women alike). Who's held responsible for that?

    I think these ads are a sad testament to the subjugation of women. And just because we do not see these blatant types of ads going on today, sexism still exists in a culturally damaging way. Also, it's not just happening to women. How many beer commercials have you seen where the man comes home and is supposed to be surprised by his beautiful, sexy wife and lured to go to the bedroom with her but instead he interprets the surprise as cold frosty beers? Advertisements now-a-days try to appeal to the least common denominator man, painting men as non-thinking, dimwit, and lacking any education beyond sports and hunting and beer. Granted, I know these commercials sell beer in records amounts, attesting to the number of men out there that relate, but I also know there are subjugated men in our country disgusted that this is what the portrayal of men is in our media. Regardless of gender, I find this practice reckless, inaccurate, and altogether malicious by way of neglect.

    I will give an advertiser or marketer my special gold star if they can come up with a way to sell products while SIMULTANEOUSLY not other-izing some other part of humanity. It reminds me of a 5th grader who is insecure so decides to beat up some other kid, elevating his/her status to the ring leader of recess in order to collect more friends to abate his/her insecurity.

    To quote my friends mom, "Humanity is still in its adolescence." Amen, sister.

  • Emily says:

    @ Oral Adams:

    "I must admit, although these are sexist and not very appropriate (but still funny nonetheless), which would you prefer…these or the horribly racy ads that are prevalent currently?"

    Why does it have to be just those two choices?

  • Catherine says:

    These ads are clearly not just from the 1950s.

  • So much for "the good old days"! Hilarious ads! They all make me groan and laugh at the same time.

    Most of the visuals are absurd in themselves, even without the ghastly copy. But the vanity-table portrait in the Palmolive Soap ad is really pretty. Too bad it's in this context.

    Thanks so much, Oral Adams. Keep up the good work!

  • John says:

    Thomas is dead on. Thomas has the best commentary of anyone here that I've read.

  • Bob Builder says:

    Ah… the good ol' days !

  • Abigail says:

    I dont think these ads are funny at all. I have a very good sense of humor but these ads are shocking and scary reminders of how women have , and still are treated in many cultures , as lesser beings. e know today how amazing and powerful women can be. There is no going back now guys, so suck it up.

  • paul says:

    Okay—4our things:

    1.) Regardless of whether you think the ads of yester year or today are offensive, grow a pair of stones and have the guts to call it as it is and to say something about it to the companies putting the ad's out—you don't have to take it from them or your friends etc. Silence = complicity!

    2.) If you see nothing wrong with it, wait until it happens to your daughter, sister or you even! Perhaps its already happening to a cousin, an aunt or your mom and you just don't want to admit or recognize it. Stop, look, listen and learn.

    3.) As we all know advertising is a very serious business.

    If you don't think so, remember it reflects the most basic of societal attitudes. It also solidifies and builds a common societal opinion, thought. If you think its all a joke, look at the advertising in this country concerning Asians, Jews, Italians, Irish, African Americans, Native Americans, Polish, Germans, Gays, Southerners etc. during the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st centuries—pick a group!

    4.) Better yet pick the nationality, ethnic or gender group you belong to and perhaps then you'll understand why some people here don't find it amusing! If you still don't get it, ask you mother or father, aunts or uncles or grandparents what the" good ol' days" felt like concerning these type of ads.

    Thankfully much has changed, but there is a lot more that needs to change and that starts with what's between all of our ears.

  • there's a diffe says:

    The ads are inappropriate for sure.

    However, I get the feeling in many of these comments that a lot of people think men and women are identical. They ARE in fact different and their differences make them better at different things. In general (there will always be outliers), women are more nurturing and caring. In general, men are more warriors and providers. This is due to more than just "that damn society." This comes from the very chemical and physical makeup of men and women!

    Again, my comment is not that these ads are appropriate (as they are certainly not), but that a lot of you seem to want to make two completely different things, men and women, the same. That is ridiculous.

    • Jude says:

      In addition to your wise comment, one is not inferior to the other, either. Women are not inferior to men, and men are not inferior to women. They are just biologically different and nothing will change that (except transsexual surgery).

    • AYC says:

      Actually, the biological differences between men and women have been very overblown, and the general consensus is that things like women being submissive vs aggressive has more to do with society than was ever previously thought. For example, in matriarchal societies (such as certain tribes in the Western Pacific) women have many of the traits that we typically think of as masculine.

      Women are better at certain things, such as language. Women think about things differently, often tackling math and science from a more language based standpoint. But none of the chemical or biological differences you're talking about justify or explain the kinds of societal divisions that these ads promote, and it's dangerous ground when we start suggesting that people are less capable or less equal based upon their gender or race.

      • AYC says:

        I thought I included this in my second paragraph but I didn't: men are better at spatial reasoning and picturing the rotation 3D shapes in their heads. I'm not leaving you out, boys!

  • Renate says:

    HM, women have come a long way and fought hard for their rights to be equal human beings to men. It pains me to no end to see shows like any “reality show” and “The housewife of…” series be successful. It takes women back decades! It won’t be long before we see ads for douches again. Come on you young ones. You have no idea how hard we fought to be where we are today!

    • mrken says:

      As a male OAP, let me assure those shocked ladies on here that make in those days, our schools taught girls housekeeping, cooking etc and boys woodwork etc. Our whole culture was as shown in these ads, and whilst there was probably discontent by occasional men and women, most accepted that as their life. The husband wnt to work whatever the hours and conditions (no health and safety in them days). The wife stayed at home and did the housework and bought up the children. That was normal life for us all. You ladies nowdays are obviously much better off and good luck to you all, but those ladies potrayed never felt down trodden, that was life. Each sex had their role to play.

    • Franz says:

      Renate, I realise that, but in the quest for equality at all costs, so much has been lost, men and women in my opinion were never supposed to be equal as much as complements to each other in a relationship, each of the two partners bringing something to the table that constitutes wholesomeness in a family/environment.

      There are things women do better than men and vice versa.

      The equality factor comes in with regard to things like rights, pay scales and so on and that is fully justified.

      But when it extends to the home paradigm and takes on a competitive proportion instead of a 'yin + yang' leads to a full circle structure, it ends up with broken homes, and a breakdown of the social community.

      At least that's my 2 pence, I'd welcome your thoughts :)

  • Bashir Al says:

    Please, Dave..Please Don't Let me be Locked out From you! hahah this is the best one never seen ad like this nowadays..

    • MICHAEL says:

      Wow Granted so of the stuff is really scued toward sexism. It curled my toenails. But remember times were so much different. Women were home for the most part caring for the family and men were out working one two maybe even three jobs to keep the women at home. Keeping them at home wasn’t a sexist gesture it was the way things were. Think about it. Was it so bad to come home from school and mom was there with a snack, nurturing and loving you. Was it so bad that she actually made dinner and the family sat down together? Is it better now that mom works just as hard as dad and no one makes dinner because there both home to late and little Johnny has to go off to sports or music to keep up with the Jones’s. Life was so much more simple. People actually respected each other. It’s a shame that the children of today will never know a real nurturing mother who cares enough about her family and children to do the things these women did. Yes now men are also expected to do their share of dishes, laundry, cooking etc. There’s not a problem with that. As long as the women get off their ass and cut the lawn, repair the roof, rod out the drains and blah blah blah. Nope not going to happen. So men like my self will continue to do their domestic chores and the other more non-domestic chores too while the little women sits on her duff and orders dinner. Yep that’s women’s rights. Why rip on the earlier generations? Who is to say their way was wrong. Just look at the disrespectful non-loving, disconnected children society is producing. Yeah sure they were wrong so many years ago. That’s why society is going to shit now. People DON’T THROW STONES. I wish I lived in such a wrong time.

      • Kate says:

        Interesting, "out of the mouths of babes"

      • MommaMyself says:

        Its been a while since you posted on the site (for these 'gender ads'). I have been a stay at home mother from the time my children were conceived. (Now in my mid 30's-My children are 18 and 16) The oldest left for college at barley 17, the youngest is prepping for the same. Here is my viewpoint based upon your comment. My husband had his first heart attack at 27 yrs old. (Genetics). He has the same mindset you do my dear friend. He had his 2nd heart attack in what will be 4 years January 4th, 2011. In a panic he told me "O.k. Go to college & get it done fast". I attempted to start college aprox. 8 months after his 2nd attack. It didn't work out. His job had major cuts in pay, axing people. (I still thank the heavens above they gave him 6 weeks off with full pay while he was at home recovering from the 2nd attack) I started waiting tables to help when the cuts started 20-21 months ago. Fast forward to now…We had to move across country based on a job that would not be so demanding on him (mind you he is the one with the work experience etc) and where he would have a salary. (There are not any jobs for me here, or even nearby. We are in the middle of NO WHERE, in the desert.) I am going to re-enter the college 'game' in January, doing what I can, as fast as I can before my husband dies from heart failure. Now…this is not the 1800's-1970's anymore. I, having no degree at this point, will be bound by the debts and end up living under a flipping bridge *because I have no job experience or* a degree if he dies soon..I mention that this is not a past-period-of-time for this fact: When his time does come (which doesn't appear to be that far away) who in the world is going to marry a 'fair maiden' and offer her the lifestyle I have had. In the end of this all….I am up the creek without a paddle if he dies before I can get my degree and start a job. So here am I- taking care of EVERYTHING around the house. He can not. He is not physically able at the young age of 39. I am now going to attend college full time, while finishing raising our 2nd child and getting her on her feet. Thus I hold the responsibility of the 'gutter cleaning', changing the oil in the cars, have been on the roof to repair it myself (actually getting stuck up there for about 45 minutes) laundry, dishes, cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, raking the leaves, power washing the outside of the house, and so on, and 'blah, blah, blah'. This is all for the sake of "Johnny being comfortable or Suzie having cookies when she walks in the door". I do EVERYTHING there is to do except go to my job and work. So, what can others learn out of all this? Marriage is a equal partnership. Both should be educated, both have jobs, and both contribute. Work should be scheduled so the children are not at home alone. If everything is on equal terms, everyone will respect each other. I NEVER have 'sat on my duff ordering dinner'. I have always prepared it, served it, and cleaned up the mess after meals. Funny how you say 'don't throw stones' The ones you just threw hit you in the back of the head.

  • Franz says:

    Don't see why everyone's getting so riled up, these were the impressions of the time. It isn't bad or horrible, it just is.

    Are we more evolved now than we were then? In some things, but we have a long way to go. I'm sure in the future people will find today's ads offensive at some level if they want to.

    The thing is to look beyond and appreciate them for being the part of history that they are.

  • TRUDI GRAY says:


  • -Twist- says:

    Haha!! I have to find some in France too. I think we could compete a bit :D

    My favourite, definitely the safe beer :))

  • -Twist- says:

    Here's one incredible:

    (a woman. a pipe. a sweater)

  • Jude says:

    Even though I'm a woman myself…I find these hilarious. Post more!! =P

    • Antoinette D. H. says:

      No, silly.

      Because you are a woman you found this hilarious.

      Most men are afraid to post that they thought it was funny because their wife might come home from work and beat them!

  • just cool…..

    like those old & gold ads…

  • It is still this way in my house women want to be controlled and taken care of. My Asian wife is as valuable to me as my house and I take care of her just as well. In fact she gets a minimum of 1 1/2 of loving attention every single day. She is content. I am wonderfully happy.

  • In my house it is still this way. We are both happy and content. She knows it is her job to take care of me and the house and she gets 1 1/2 hours of "attention" everyday. I love Asian women. I suggest all unhappy guys date Asian women. American women do not compare at all not even close.

    • Antoinette D. H. says:

      I'm American! I take offense to this! I mean, not all of us women are rude, snide, humorless, and work on a double-standard!


      Sorry, I used your perfectly peachy comment to express my beliefs in a sarcastic manner.

      – Thank you for posting,

      Cadet Obvious

  • Bast Hotep says:


    Sounds rather…painful.

  • bigjoe says:

    The girls need to be at their place, cleaning and sucking! point.

  • Mackey says:

    Ha ha, love this kind of old ads. :D

    "Why ruins the evening, Mother?" and the one for the VW.

  • Xavier says:

    Reading the comments is as fun as discovering the ads themselves. Great stuff!

  • Holly says:

    I dont mind about most of the jokes but the ones were a woman should just shut up, fuck and clean make me mad. but the ones were they joke about how to treat a girl without making her angry are ok and some times funny.


    I am a feminist but i also have to notice that we women joke about men too so its equal:D All i want is that women would be respected and given the same opportunities as men. like if u need some help carrying something heavy ask from everyone, dont ask if there would be some boys to volunteer.even though girls wouldnt usually agree to help but just asking us isnt any harm for u either, unless u have a bad confidence?

  • McPU says:

    What's sexist in those ads ?

  • Riku says:

    Quote from Wikipedia:

    In the late 1920s Lysol disinfectant began being marketed by maker Lysol, Incorporated and distributor Lehn & Fink, Inc. as a feminine hygiene product. They intimated that vaginal douching with a Lysol solution prevented infections and vaginal odor, and thereby preserved marital bliss[7]. This Lysol solution was also used as a birth control agent, as post-coital douching was a popular method of preventing pregnancy at that time.

  • GoToSchoolPeople says:


    1 – Those adds ARE funny. Go buy a brain if you can't understand why.

    2 – They were made by 5 douchebags in an office. Actually the samefags who are making today's adds telling you you're fat and you should be pretty…

    Think by yourself.

    Ignore the fools.

    Don't turn back on little mind people or you'll be just like them.

    Laugh laugh laugh, don't take yourself too seriously. Most of people on that planet are nice and peacefull.

    Turn off your tv's.

    And reading women's magazines and talking about women's respect is just fucked up.

  • America Make Me Laug says:

    Feminism is an extreme.

    Extreme are for terrorists.

    You guys seem not to like terrorists.

    You should bomb yourselves.

    Radicalism is for dummies.

    "You must be so ignorant to choose"

    -Jules Renard-

  • MaybeOneDay says:

    I am grateful for those (female and male) who break through the petty stereotypical, commercialized roles and lead strong, vibrant, whole lives.

    To those who are stuck in the rut of perpetuating shallow ideals and images of either gender, it is you who suffers most in reality.

    Your world is painfully small. You don't realize, but your heart and spirit are suffocating and its you and only you who can make the changes to do better, to become a better person.

    These hateful, destructive ways are learned.

    To shut one's spirit off to the world and their own hearts in order to perpetuate such hatred speaks more about the person as an individual than his/her comments. If you realized what you were saying about yourselves you would choose your words (and actions) more wisely.

  • Veronica says:

    The ads are funny because they are sexist and you couldn't get away with doing that today and being totally serious. Besides, now all the TV shows and movies are portraying men as dumb, so it evens out a little.

    • Ladymuck says:

      I think those ads are hilarious and without them how would we learn? My mum who is in her 80's would laugh at them also and I bet she can remember a few more. She was skilled surgeon during the 50's so it wasn't all bad for some ladies back then.

  • Danny says:

    Don't you understand that you stupid guys who post sexest comments are just causing a bigger problem?…

    it's a shame that we cant look back at this and think 'oh my god, it's bad how things USED to be' – nice one guys

    If you still have that old-fasdhioned, narrow minded point of view, you'll never be in a happy relationship with a woman.. Good luck with that!

    • banana man says:

      If we didn't give women the vote back then,then we'd still own 'em, they'd still be our bitches, and be able to cook a good meal in the evening

    • Uncontainable Spirit says:

      There is a HUGE difference between the Women's Rights Movement and Feminism. Why? Because Susan B. Anthony and that group were actually correct. Women SHOULD be allowed to vote… women SHOULD be allowed to work. MOST importantly though is that the Women's Rights Movement concentrated on working WITH men to resolve what women thought were injustices. These women knew that men weren't oppressors, just that the times had changed and men and women worked together to make that change. What idiot chooses not to use 50% of his population in the work force? I personally think it was the proper thing to do in many cases AND many other men felt the same way because it could not have been done without men supporting women. We realized that many of our ways were outdated and ONLY because we loved women did we assist in making this change. Don't think for an instant that men could have been 'forced' to do anything.

      The problem that you feminists have is that you view men as the enemy. I know I know… you don't believe me. Just take a look at the divorce and child support/custody laws in this country. Right… men are viewed as the enemy. Look at television. Look at the number of men NOT going to college. The feminist movement has been a decades long pep rally for girls at the expense of boys. And the funny part is that men are seeing this and refusing to sign up for the abuse. Not going to school… not getting married… simply opting out. Because of this (here is the irony) women are 'blaming' men for not allowing themselves to be treated like crap. SMH… insane.

      All because feminists looked at what was slavery for men and viewed it as power and resented men for it. In fact neither male nor female had power, we merely had roles. Biological sex based roles which required different things from different sexes. Men in general never meant to live to oppress women, we were being oppressed ourselves. We died earlier, we went to war, every drug used to assist women with child birth was tested on men first, if the drug failed guess who died… the man. If the drug succeed then women AND men prospered. We gave our lives for women because that was our way of loving you. True some men are assholes but on the whole men did not set out to oppress and enslave women. This simply isn't true. Feminists created that slant. Feminists were wrong in doing that… women who didn't do it were wrong in believing in it.

  • Sam says:

    I love feminists. Twisted little misandric things with chips on their shoulders the size of house rafters. Almost as misguided as the designers of these ads. Both are hilarious though.. ;)

    • Ladymuck says:

      Forget the feminist issue and get with the joke guys, tables have most definitely turned, we can actually do without you, sperm has been produced in a lab!!! Now what are you gonna do?

      • JonathanT says:

        To the Narcissistic, self-serving, pathetic, abusive men on this site – forget about having a wife, there's no mistaking you for Mr. Right!

  • Han says:

    Life was ugly back then.. and men were morons.

    • Taylor says:

      JonathanT: Actually, these guys *could* be Mr. Right…you never know, their first name just might be "Never."

  • Mrs4444 says:

    All that time wasted on feminine hygiene, when what they should have been doing was coming up with a way for men to fix the taste of …

  • KatR says:

    When people yell and scream about "taking the country back", this is what they want to take it back to.

  • Michael says:

    In a backwards sort of way, most of the ads of today (where a man can't cook, take care of the children, clean the house, or even clean himself without a woman's help or smug expression) are reinforcing the stereotypes of the ads which are posted here. So most feminists may think that they are doing society a favor by turning the tables, but what they are really doing is saying yet again that only women should cook, clean, raise the children, etc.

  • Sadly, marketing is only more subtle about their sexism today. Actually, they might be better at it today then 60 years ago.

  • Mike J says:

    Ladies! Get over yourselves! For thousands of years (Yes thousands!) it has been a woman's job to cook and clean! Just in the last 50 years has the mindset changed. Darwin does not work over night! It is in your DNA! Women were "bred" to take care of men! Our thoughts can change but not our genetic make-up, at least not in 50 years! So get over yourselves! You belong in my kitchen and in my bed….period.

    • Antoinette D. H. says:

      Hahahaha! ^_^

      I can't really complain, because I am the only girl of my age group that wears dresses almost daily, sews, cleans, cooks, crochets, and tends to nearly all of the needs of all of the males in my home. Granted, I am the middle child, but when my brother shouts, "Woman, get me a glass of iced tea," there is little to no hesitation.

      My breeding must be superb.

  • Chet says:

    Ah, yes! Whatever happened to the good ol' days of cooking & cleaning, bad driving, crotch stinking, sexual objectifying, less intelligent, man worshiping women? Next thing you'll know, they'll want the right to vote! Imagine!!!

  • Vex says:

    I don't see the problem?

  • Susan says:

    That Schlitz ad one, that's my Mom and Dad. I have one of the original ads framed hanging in my living room. I can tell you there is a lot of truth in that ad. My mom says she didn't even know how to boil water when they first got married. My father taught her how to cook, he was an excellent cook. LOL!! Too funny. I'd love to know where you found this.

  • Becca says:

    It's not even close to being over. Women are still oppressed everywhere. There are more women on this earth then men, how are we overpowered by them? And people wonder why some women are lesbians!? This is why!(well, that and their biological makeup)

    • Magic says:


      I know they convey different messages, but I too have changed with the women in those ads…thanks for the laughs! Really PEOPLE, step back and funny…NOT cruel this is…

  • Megan says:

    Do you see how ONLY the MEN that made the comments don't see anything wrong with these ads? EVERYTHING IS WRONG WITH THESE ADS, YOU STUPID, SEXIST JERKS!!!!! Your wives must hate you, as do I. You must live up to us women, not vice versa, you jerks.

  • Meg says:

    Guys, I really don't find this stuff funny at all. Sexism towards woman still happens, and it makes women get depressed. Woman are smaller, skinnier, and aren't as strong as men, because they are meant to be the producers in the world. And the men are supposed to be the protectors of the women and of the children, that's why they're bigger and stronger and such, but they just basically took over women and women got beat and crap like that. Men made women dolls, MAKING them strip down in strip clubs that THEY created, MAKING them clean the house and do all of the work, MAKING them bikini's, the smallest bathing suit in the world, just, finding everyway to be a sexist. And then they go ahead and beat them up when they get 'out of line.' And those small ass dresses and skirts that they were FORCED to wear? What about forced marriages? Guys, this really isn't funny. Women haven't had a word to say about sexism towards them in all of this time on the Earth. It's really sad, and it gets on EVERY woman's nerve. MEN make all of the skinny, small stuff for women that expose their parts to men for the pleasure of men, and we women can't really do anything about it. Not even now, in the 21st century.

    You know what HUSBAND stands for?

    H orrible

    U gly

    S tupid as hell

    B itch

    A sshole

    N ever understands

    D umbass

    There you go. NOW how do you feel?

    • everyman says:

      @Meg – wow, time of the month or what?

      Never in human history has a man made a woman do something she didn't want to do!

      • Samantha says:

        Well, actually, there's the whole unfair pay thing and the flak women in positions of power (e.g. politics) get simply for being women–you'll never hear someone say something about how John Boehner let himself go or how his chest looks all smushed up in his shirt (to paraphrase Glenn Beck on Michelle Obama).

        There's also the religious right's desire to control women's autonomy through taking away birth control and access to abortions.

        Sexism totally exists.

    • Antoinette D. H. says:

      Okay, sexism doesn't exist anymore. We won. We take up 51% of the workforce. We vote. There are officially more stay-at-home dads than what were around at these times. These ads are appealing to a certain audience, not sexist jabs at "FEMININE RIGHTS!" you crazy, crazy person.

      Firstly, if you go out of YOUR home, wearing thongs YOU bought, a tiny, undersized dress YOU bought, heels YOU bought, to go to a strip club YOU applied for, then is is obviously a man's fault, right?

      Also, women are not skinnier than ever, we've actually gotten fatter. Other than me, the rest of my generation is STILL in a chubby phase. I have never had a chubby phase, and that is not for throwing up and starving myself. I never get to go out and eat. A lot of siblings means home-cooked meals. Also, ALL of our family chips in, not just poor, poor mom.

      Another thing, forced marriage affects the man too.

      Women are not forced into anything. At all. It has always been our choice. We need to take perspective here.

      Also, isn't it pretty sexist to generalize that all men force their wives to do stuff? Aren't there almost as many cases where a wife/girlfriend has beaten their lover, to death in most cases I've read?

      Also, men don't own the clothing companies. Marissa Miller is the owner of the American Victoria Secret chain. Most of the designers are female.

      You know what MEG stands for?



      Grotesquely mannered

      If this is how a woman should react to a joke, then I denounce my title as female and take on the happy medium: The IT.

      Yes, me in my adolescence where the world is still new and amazing, isn't as naive and ignorant as you. If that isn't a slap in the face, I don't know what is.

      Don't worry, guys, I got your back!

      • Hypocrites says:

        Well, your previous comments make a lot more sense now that you specify that you are an adolescent.

        The world may be amazing and new to you but, unfortunately, you are indeed quite naive to make the statement that sexism no longer exists.

        Come back when you've grown up, spent time in the workforce and/or had a family.

    • Perry says:

      Shut up and make my dinner woman!

  • asmani says:

    OH MY GOD!

  • asmani says:

    OH ! MY GOD!!!!

    • Meg says:

      What? What are you OMGing about? These ads? Or the comments made towards these EXTREMELY SEXIST ads?

      Clean your own damn house, you jerks!!!!!!!

  • Cooter says:


  • Antoinette D. H. says:

    This is hilarious! I love it!

    "All husbands want feminine wives! Be more feminine!"

    If I lived in the fifties I would be burnt on a stake.

    Still, I am highly amused by all of this. The douche ad was the most hilarious one. Did you notice a lot of them were about cleanliness? ^_^

    • dond says:

      You can tell that you are a dude, Antoinette. I study language and writing and your writing is very masculine in it's cadence.

  • Conexion says:

    I think this article meant to be titled "25 Horribly Awesome Vintage Ads".

  • Billco says:

    1. Copypasta

    2. ???

    3. PROFIT!

  • Ah, the good ol days.

  • Don Schrader says:

    That "cry if he doesn't get you these appliances" poster is actually kinda funny, for ye olde tyme print ads.

  • Dr. Kenneth Noisewat says:

    More like DELIGHTFULLY sexist! Man, those were the days.. And when 'liberated' western men are finally defeated, it'll be just in time for the islamics to come in and put burkas on all the bitches that will submit, and hack the ones that don't to death with machetes. Allahu Akbar!!

  • Rob S says:

    There are some very angry people in here both male and femal… how about we all get along together now we're in the 21st century and just see the funny-side of things :)

  • michael says:

    These are the same ass holes who told us that all fathers are stupid and forgetful etc…..the scary part is what will todays crap look like in 30 years….on the other hand can you just see the sales pitch to have those lame ass execs buy into this crap… lololol

  • Tut says:

    Please change the title to 25 Wonderfully Sexist Vintage Ads.

  • Hypocrites says:




    You laughing yet? No?

    Oh, right, 'cause it's not funny.

    • Norad says:

      That's exactly the point. All these jerks here who find those ads funny wouldn't laugh if racist ads were posted. Sexism ist still accepted everywhere and it's definitely not the least bit funny. Unfortunately the assholes here who think we all should have a good laugh will never get it.

      • Jersey Guy says:

        Speak for yourself, princess.

        If there's anything I enjoy more than sexism, it's racism.

  • conscious says:

    When will you all understand that YOU pay for the ads that anoy YOU. On top of the loss of the used resources, advertising is a win-loose game, not a win-win one. Tell me how advertising ads any value…

  • ren says:

    That's funny. You just have to laugh at those stupid women sometimes and hand them a cleaning rag and a sexy thong. Men's amusement is the only way they'll feel viable. :) see link below.


  • Dr Philbert says:

    Since the end of WWII, advertising has been instrumental in shaping the American personality. Whereas our ancestors had centuries-old cultures, today all we believe in are million-dollar ball chasers and our favorite soda.

    Freud's American-immigrant nephew Edward Bernays essentially founded this movement with his 1928 book "Propaganda," which interestingly inspired Goebbels in Nazi Germany.

  • Karen says:

    Those were great

  • Michael says:

    Ads like these are exactly why the feminist movement was so successful. It's really quite mind-boggling how men back in the day (and apparently even still today, by some of the douche-bag asshole comments being left on this article, particularly by d bourdeau & doofus) were such blatant assholes. How the fuck did Americans manage to procreate during that time? I'm surprised we even have future generations. This type of ignorance really puts things into perspective, as to why our world is in the state that it's in. Ignorance certainly hasn't disappeared, and giovani is right. I never see ads or commercials pertaining to household cleaning items, or cooking, with men in them. It's time we got out of the dark ages. I want to see a man cleaning or cooking in a commercial. I know a lot of men who love to cook and clean, so why don't we see more of them in ads & commercials?

  • Suzie McC says:

    My, My, these ads look so familiar.

  • Doug says:

    These ads make me laugh, but not in that cringing, uncomfortable way. There is a kind of humour that is funny because it's true and not actually funny. I don't know how else to describe it, but I laugh and at the same time I'm repulsed by it.

  • skk says:

    This is exactly why they are called "the good old days" (just kidding)

  • Females R Weak says:

    We can only dream of the days past….

  • Emily Dahlgren says:

    No wonder he's not getting any action, if he calls his wife Mother! She loves her children, but she doesn't need a big hairy baby in the house, too!

  • mario says:

    What I don't get are all those incidents in the movies now where men are kicked in the balls and bend over in pain. It's supposed to be funny! Male directors in most cases, too.

    Would it be considered funny to show a woman being punched in the breasts then double over in pain?

    I really fail to see the humor in this current trend.

  • Merrick says:

    As John Peel once said, a society that condones vaginal deodorant is a society in real trouble.

    • bobo says:

      All I have to say is that if you dont think that the female of the species is in the top dog position is Sex and the City.

      If anyone tried to release that exact same show and had Males in the lead roles it would NEVER have been put to air. You will never get a show on mainstream tv that will talk incessantly about how tight or sloppy a females vagina is. This show was and is extremely sexist but all of the females love it and think it is a hoot.

      Keep this thought in mind when you are thinking about the above ads and complaining that men are still in the supreme position.

  • JasonBlack says:

    "You mean a woman can open it?"

    What is that? Ketchup? How did anyone ever get ketchup before women could open the bottle for us?

    See I find blatant sexism and racism quite funny, from behind my cultural filter. My little island had women voting nearly a hundred and twenty years ago, we recently had two women prime ministers in succession and I think they did a fine job. When the British tried to colonise and oppress the indigenous people here they got their asses handed back to them and have been careful with the relationship ever since. I once looked up where we stood on discrimination against homosexuality and it was difficult to find, because we dealt with that quickly and appropriately twenty three years ago.

    I can laugh at sexism and racism because you stupid, fat, retarded Americans are ceaselessly entertaining when you aren't too busy killing everything to stop and say something dumb. As a species we have a lot of growing up to do, and I'm not saying most other countries are ahead of you (because that's so obvious it doesn't need to be said). Simply that when we laugh at your racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic bigotry – we aren't laughing WITH you.

    P.S. Please don't bomb my country.

    • Matty b says:

      Wait wait….little island…woman prime minister…failed colonisation…sounds like Japan. How much atomic "ordinance" do you need to get set straight?

      The best measure of womens' intelligence here is the ammount of replys to d bourdeau's post. He not coming back to check on replys, hate to tell you all. Neither am I, so don't waste precious time that could be used for cleaning, or burning dinner with your replies.

  • jill freeman says:

    WOW. I'm speechless. But, since I'm a woman, maybe I am now behaving correctly….

  • matt says:

    lol so many feminist bitches leaving comments here…. when will these silly women realise they are inferior in nearly every way. they can't drive, they can't work in any position of authority.. they should probably just stay in the kitchen and bedroom.

  • Kate says:


    Man you girls who are taking offense to the ads and comments should learn to take a joke. It's unfortunate that your just making the stereotype that we are all whiny bitches a reality. Some of us girls CAN actually take a joke! :)…well done! haha

  • styrbjorn says:

    women and men are not equal. this eagerness to be the "same" is ruining america. men and women are different and should be used differently. now all the american kids are fat cuz mom comes home from work unwilling to cook and feeds them junk

    • Humanist says:

      How are you going to go about determining which roles are for women and which ones are for men? I am sure these roles would be culturally based and therefore subjective. If they are subjective, then that would not really make them valid rules for anyone to follow. I don't see any logical reason for using gender roles. So therefore, if a woman wants to be a career woman, let her. If a woman wants to be a housewife, let her. If a man wants to do either of these things, let him. And there also is the very incomprehensible concept (sarcasm) of having a mother who has a job and takes care of her kids. Also, your casual link between the new "career mom" and childhood obesity is insufficient (and I am hoping it was just a throw-out statement). Any evidence to show that fat kids don't have stay at home mothers?

      About the ads… There is one ad that is very accurate because it is biologically based and that is the lid opener one. Females do not have the wrists to support opening lids. Run an experiment to see how many males can open something compared to how many females. Don't see why that is sexist :P

      And raging feminists…obviously if there is a web page dedicated to these ads they have been clearly identified as sexist and inappropriate so get over it. You aren't doing any favors to the cause by whining about some outdated ads and telling off obvious trolls who just say "ROFLOL these ads are so true. put women in their place!," just to get the reactions.

  • LOL at the Females who feel offended after seeing these ads.. One sentence for you all Chicks nagging out there… Get a life :P No.. m kidding.. :) All i wanna say is Chill.. They aren't true any more.. Or are they :O ?

  • elisabete says:

    its not like a sexism

    its look like homosessuality

  • Sandra says:

    HAHA HAHA SO FUNNY… actually I don't get it if a man is useless without a woman. Losers…. But I actually I don't care about these ads because they are showing that women are better than men. (in a way )… :) idiots…

  • Test says:

    I dont think it's sexist to ask women to be a little more aware of their level of cleanliness "down there". Then again, guys could have a little more care there aswell. Its not 'empowering" for any gender to have stinky genitals.

  • Tiffany says:

    I'm overly concerned with the frequent douche and feminine odor ads. What was going on back then? O_O

  • HAHA those are funny.. wrong but FUNNY! lol

  • Biswalt says:

    A bar I frequent has the Mickey's big mouth poster. It's horrible, when you see it up close it's hard not to notice that she's got man hands. It sits eye level for me above the urinal so the focus ends up being on her man hands and it ruins the rest of the poster. And several of my friends have commented on it so I know I'm not the only one that thinks she has man hands.

  • lady. says:

    I'd love if my husband would rather me be a housewife than a working woman. I have such high respect for the ladies who take care of their kids, their homes, and their wonderful men that pay the bills. I think it sucks that it's been hammered into people's heads that it's wrong to take care of things at home for a living.

  • NRaven says:

    Don't be sexist!

    Bitches hate that!

  • john johnson says:

    haha everyone knows a womens place is barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen

  • Unintended says:

    You know people keep saying how we've come a long way in womens rights/human rights. Yet if you go through all these comments it doesnt look like we've gotten very far. If we've gotten anywhere at all.

  • Princesstefer says:

    Hi, the one with Goldie Hawn and the tagline “The MiniAutomatic. For Simple Driving”. Is not sexist. It’s not about women in general, it’s in reference to the characters (particularly on Laughin) that Goldie played at the time. It’s a pop culture reference/joke, not a sexist one. The rest are quire sick.