One such writer thinks that a good solution is to put up a picture of Louie Anderson on your refrigerator.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia did a study showing groups of students slides of “stress-inducing visuals” (sick people, people blowing their nose, looking miserable, laid up in bed, etc.) and another group of pleasant visuals (I’m just throwing out there…Megan Fox, Winnie the Pooh cartoons, etc.) Turns out the ones seeing the pleasant images produced more interleukin-6, which the immune system creates to fight of infections. From this he invites the question:

“Could people trying or hoping to lose weight stimulate their bodies to burn more calories and/or be less hungry just by looking at photos of overweight people?”

I see what the guy is getting at…I certainly wouldn’t reach for the Pizza Rolls after looking at that mug below.


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