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LEGOs are just awesome. I hope there is not a kid alive who hasn’t enjoyed an afternoon playing around with these wonderful blocks. I know I for one spent hundreds of Saturdays making all sorts of colorful creations. One inventive man has taken his LEGO engineering to the next level. His name is Dave DeGobbi and he explains what “Crawler Town” is:

Crawler town roams the barren wastes of a post steam-punk world after cataclysmic climate change do to excessive coal use. Several such cities exist but Crawler town is the most popular due to the Aero 500 hydrogen fuel cell Air races that are held. Many people travel the wastes to Crawler town for vacation and to enjoy rare luxuries like Pizza, fresh vegetables and Beer. Travelling the wastes in search of minerals and aquifers ( vital for survival) the mobility of the city keeps it away from the vicious sand storms of the wastes

I really enjoyed building this one! Its started out as going to be a steam-punk land dreadnought/battleship but evolved into a roaming city where self sustainability and Eco efficiency became the theme. I ended up calling it “Eco-punk” due to its Steamy inspired roots. Several playable features include functional powered treads for movement , full suspension and front and rear steering. Working crane, hanger slides for planes and lift from upper and lowers levels.


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