With their latest menu addition IHOP is trying be the place to go for the newest crazy combo. They have introduced what they call “Pancake Stackers”. It’s a pancake, crust-less cheesecake slices, another pancake and topped with your choice of strawberries, blueberries or cinnamon apples.

What’s up with adding cheesecake to a breakfast item? I mean, I’m not totally opposed to it and I’d eat it myself but it doesn’t seem like something that would garner a wide audience. To me it feels like they are just vying for that shock and awe spot that is usually covered by Taco Bell or KFC. I mean don’t get me wrong….I would murder a stack of these…and I encourage others to so as well…but what corporate bigwig says, “Yeah, that’s what we need…cheesecake in our pancakes.” What am I saying….I would love to meet that guy. He’s my new hero.

Or she…it turns out…Carolyn O’Keefe, IHOP’s senior vice president of marketing says:

With our latest promotion, IHOP took the value we’re known for and topped it with one of America’s favorite flavors — cheesecake. We’re pleased to offer guests a delicious new way to stack up the fun this spring as they celebrate moms, dads, grads, or just a simple escape from their every day.


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