Okay, I swear DQ (Dairy Queen) has not contacted me or asked me to put this up….I would have loved it if they had though. I just can’t get over their Blizzards…..I love them…they’re one of my favoritest treats of all time (next to the McDonald’s Chocolate Sundaes).

The thing is, its the 25 year anniversary of the introduction of the Blizzard and they are all over the place. The toughest thing about it too is that I usually end up staring at the board for so long trying to decide which one to get. Good thing they’re offering buy one and get the second for a quarter (from April 19th-26th)…problem is I still have to pick just two flavors. What’s your favorite? I mean come on!!! Look at all those wonderful concoctions (and there are even more on their site). If only I could be the guy that comes up with these…I would be in Heaven…and you would see some awesome things on their menu.


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  • Last time I was in a city with a DQ (which is NOT NYC!!!), I had them make me a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard with chocolate ice cream and a squirt of liquid peanut butter. LIQUID peanut butter.

    It was insane.

    I still like the DQ Frozen Hot Chocolate better, though, if you can find it anywhere other than Ohio.