For those of you not familiar with In-N-Out (they’re just on the westcoast for now…but even Ronald McDonald prefers them) its probably one of the best chain hamburger restaurants you’ll come by. There is nothing better than a Double-Double (2 beef patties & 2 cheese slices) made Animal Style (with grilled onions & mustard with extra ‘sauce’) on a late Friday night.

I’ve spent upwards of an hour and a half just to get me a burger from them. Yes…they are that good. Although there menu is pretty much just burgers, fries and shakes, they have a whole slew of secret menu items you can order. From the Flying Dutchman (2 beef patties & 2 cheese slices, nothing else) to Protein Style burgers (no bun, wrapped in iceberg lettuce leaf).

One thing that is certainly not on their secret (or regular) menu is the Double-Double Down Sandwich. This was made by a couple of brilliant kids in Southern California (Brian Obnoxious & Karl Schubach). Basically it consists of bun, cheese, beef patty, fried chicken breast, Colonel sauce, cheese, bacon, fried chicken breast, lettuce tomato, special sauce, cheese, beef patty and bun.

That’s sounds like a damn good meal to me. They’ve tagged it #thisiswhyyourefat, #getintoit, #fatboys, #goodolamerica#culinaryachievement & #call911 and I think they are all very fitting. Hats off to you gentlemen…hats off to you. Makes me crave the Burger King Double Bacon Rodeo State Fair Cheeseburger or the Long John Silver’s Deep-fried Bottom of the Sea Wrap.


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  • Amery says:

    Don't forget you can order your french fries "animal style", as well. Just make sure they give you a fork. Also, another good west coast burger chain is Hamburger Habit but they are mostly located in the central to southern coastal areas.

  • J says:

    I stopped by a Hardee's last year and learned that they have vastly improved their food over the past few years. Friends out west say that Hardee's is sort of the east coast version of In & Out.

  • hooooooh says:

    isn't that thing delicious >>

  • xyn says:

    They have Hardee's on the west coast. It's called Carl's Jr.

  • Brandon says:

    Hardee's is an East Coast version of Carl's Jr. I don't think there's an East Coast version of In N Out, nothing matches it :)

  • andy says:

    In-n-Out is worth a 5-10 minute wait at most. Overrated.

  • Midwest in-n-out blu says:

    Having been away from my N.Cali home for a bout a year now I can say with certainty: if you haven't had an in-n-out burger make the trip, 3000 miles is a short distance for such a great burger! Also if you are in Sacramento, Ca check out Nationwide Freezer Meats. Home of the french cut burger; not as tradiotionan as InO but also great!

  • Jessi says:

    there is an east coast burger that rivals in and out. My boyfriend (from California) actually says it's better. It's called Five Guys and it's amazing. Definitely worth trying.

  • ChefRex says:

    We've just witnessed a great leap in the progression of man as a species. Brian and Karl can both be considered as a modern day Prometheus.

  • Lane says:

    This month, I had my first In-N-Out burger. I was not impressed.

    Five Guys is far superior!

  • Altavieese says:

    FIve Guys burger is way better then In-n-Out.

  • Pat says:

    Agree, Five Guys Burgers and Fries is the east coast equivalent of In-N-Out and in my opinion is better. They don't have the secret menu or special sauce and stuff to compare as far as I know though.

  • azlove says:

    In-n-out is waaaaaaay better than Five Guys. Although really they don't compare. Five Guys isn't bad but it isn't anything special. In-n-out is so unique and flavorful plus a totally legit company.

  • Miami says:

    That burger looks so disgusting to me..

  • I just can't imagine looking at this and thinking "gross". I finished my two Double Downs and immediately wished I'd bought four, though, so I may be biased.

  • Adam says:

    HAHAHAHA. Nice try, Hardee's is the East Coast equivalent of In-n-Out when the entire world knows that Carl's Jr. is the exact same company!

    In-n-Out is pretty good…if you are from California chances are you rarely get THAT excited about it anymore unless you have been out of state for a while. It is really annoying, however, when out of towners come and want to eat In-n-Out for every meal. It's CALIFORNIA! We have everything here except NY/Chicago Pizza, Italian, and BBQ. Los Angeles and San Francisco are filled with reputable restaurants of all kinds…eat In-n-Out once and then eat all the other stuff you won't find in your hometown….

  • Jon says:

    Yes, Carl's Jr. and Hardee's belong to one and the same parent company, and the two restaurants are nearly identical, but serving different geographical regions.

    Carl's might best be thought of as the "diet version" of Hardee's. Anything big and fattening at Carl's (all of it) is twice as big and twice as fattening at Hardee's.

    The only thing that Carl's has more of than Hardee's is an average life expectancy of it's patrons…but it ain't by much.

  • Armando says:

    @azlove: Why isn't Five Guys a totally legit company?

  • xyn says:

    Uhh.. they have Five Guys on the west coast too…

  • Mikey Benny says:

    Five Guys is only marginally better than In-n-Out, but it's more than double the price.

    In.Out is a FAR better value.

  • Bryan says:

    Just looking at that In-n-out burger dissected up there I can tell you Five Guys is better, if only for the fact that the burgers get a much better char at 5 Guys. Also the cheese appears to be of inferior quality in the In-n-Out, but that's purely going on sight alone, as I've never had an In-n-Out. I have a hard time believing it could be better than a Five Guys burger though, just by looking at it.

  • Anonymous says:

    There is no such thing as an east coast equivalent of In-n-out, ask anyone who has moved out of California.

    Hardees = Carl's Failure (Jr) which is roughly a hockey puck in a bun smothered in too much sauce and claimed to be juicy. It also has extremely offensive commercials and marketing that says that the company no longer cares about being the family friendly restaurant that Carl Karcher founded all those years ago and only caters to the hormone overloaded horny single males age 13 to 29. They might as well just post a sign that says "NO WOMEN, CHILDREN, OR SR CITIZENS ALLOWED" on the doors. They are not anything close to an equivalent of In-n-out.

    In-n-out is a family run business with values that no other business in this country has. Their employees are always courteous and I have only had to complain about the attitude of a dishonest employee once in 20 years of being a loyal customer.

    Lastly, just looking at that chicken/burger thing makes me want to puke.