A Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, England man has been given a 3-year driving suspension for riding a pink Hot Wheels Barbie car while intoxicated. The 40-year old, Paul Hutton, was pulled over by local police doing a swift 4 miles an hour. He was on his was to a mate’s house, presumably to get more beer, 500 yards away.

He was admitted that he was “a complete twit” and said that he had to “be a contortionist to get in the car.” He continues by saying, “I’m not unhappy with my punishment, just a little surprised. I think it perhaps needn’t have gone to court. Possibly the police arrested me to have something to talk about to the grandchildren.”

Hutton actually has had the car for 10 years (when he found it along the highway) and as modified it significantly adding larger wheels, paint, and upgrading the engine. Looks like he’ll have to wait a few more years for his next ride.


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