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Last night was American Idol Gives Back night and unfortunately they can’t give me back my 2+ hours. Overall the show was okay and at least it was all for a good cause raising over 15 million dollars (and over $150 million over the years) for the Children’s Health Fund. I just wish they didn’t drag everything out so much and keep us all going on….I mean come on…we know who is taking the long flight home. Sadly for the Disney-esque “Teflon” Tim Urban had to grab his overnight bag. He clearly performed worst amongst the remaining contestants and it was no question that he would be going.

Well now we’re down to the final 6 and this is where it really starts to heat up. You see people leaving that you thought might have stood a chance…but obviously there can only be one winner. I hate to say it but Aaron actually performed well this week and I know there is a huge constituency of young female voters that are going to keep him around until the end. I’d like to see Casey be the overall winner but if he has another week like this week he won’ t make it. My odds are on Crystal, on a talent barometer…but anything can happen from here on out.


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