During a slow game the heat on the sidelines can quickly become more entertaining then what is happening on the field. Here are the best examples of mascots getting it on MMA style…no matter how unnatural it seems.

Indian’s Slider vs. the Red’s Gapper

He gives him a nice little thumping towards the end.

Southern Miss’s Seymour the Eagle vs. Alabama’s Big Al

It’s a bit long and pretty staged but impressive nonetheless.

Eagle vs. Chicken

But then a weird thing happens…a frog jumps in…and then a dog?!?

Alabama’s Big Al vs. Florida’s Gator

Big Al with a running start lays out the Gator.

Oral Robert’s Eagle vs Indiana University-Purdue’s Jaguar

This one is an all out brawl with a nice suplex action going down.

Oregon’s Duck vs. Houston’s Cougar

Turns out the Duck ended up getting suspended from school for this little number

Michigan State’s Sparty vs. Pittsburgh’s Panther

With a little help the panther turns into a ram

Shorter College’s Warrior vs. Georgia’s Gladiator

These two go fisticuffs to see who is the bigger man

Indiana University-Purdue’s Jaguar vs. Oral Robert’s Eagle #2

I could have swore we had seen these two go at it before

Dinosaur vs. Chicken

I think the dinosaur is upset about the whole “evolution” thing


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