Dsc00707_normal ACBaltimore Why is there corn in this shower drain?

18568_293831233237_501208237_4722481_1704373_n_normalsayraedio Last night I dreamed that I was picking giant chunks of onion out of my shower drain.

N135000586_30393796_5421_normal writrsblck wanted to reenact alfred hitchcock’s “Pyscho” what w/ all that red hair dye swirling down the shower drain. “pretty cool!”i screamed.

N700242953_1446836_4213870_normalJanetOZ Pulled something that looked like a ferret out of my shower drain. It’s a wonder I have any hair left on my head.

Pic0727081jpg-2_normal Daddy_Tweets Finding poop in your shower drain is never funny… or IS it?

250px-flag_of_the_united_kingdom_svg_normal GamerUK Back to Life, Back to reality. Washing 12 hours of work-grime into the shower drain is like having a new start!

Me_close_square_normal StevePaulo Plumber is here. Hopefully he will keep the #poocano from reemerging from our shower drain.

Me_and_tessa_normalwoahxitsmelissa i think my shower drain just threw up. and thats a legiitt statement.

Bluecup_normal marshallw Some people look like they’ve been slowly pulled out of their own shower drain.

N23300033_34145422_9308_normal chrismar035 Me: 1 – Clogged Shower Drain: 0

Profile_image_1265116702586_normal kylespence How the jingle go “the best part of waking up….” “is unclogging a shower drain full of your wifes hair…..yyyyeeeeaaahhhh.” nailed it!

Twitterprofilephoto_normal Teresa10 Seriously considering hiring a cleaning person just to unclog my shower drain. It’s like there was another person in there!! Sick. Ness.

Img_0152_normal pablo_valencia Effing scarred for life. If you only saw the vile, disgusting things I just pulled out of my sister’s shower drain while snaking it!

Hkk2_normal goldengateblond The hairball I just pulled out of the shower drain was so big I think I should call Locks of Love.


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