This French cat (I think his name is Ed) performs one of the coolest things I think I’ve ever seen done with a cell phone, musically for sure. The talent this guy displays is awesome. The App is called Everyday Looper and it lets you loop audio. It has the ability to use and manipulate loops as separate tracks, and all this for just $5. From the YouTube page translated through Google Translate:

Test of Everyday looper
A looper 4 tracks, touch, especially ergonomic
Sound is taken with the Iphone, it saturates at times a little but it’s not his fault (wonderful toy), I just misjudged the level of acquisition.
This gadget is really cheap, especially considering its simplicity, functionality, Brief jammer at any time of day (on a desk at the canteen on the couch guitar)
Really, I recommend

A bientôt!


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