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While they did manage to sneak into 3rd overall in the medal count finishing with a total of 26 they also got the highest number of golds as well at 14. We all of course know that the US finished with a grand total 37 besting the 2nd place Germans by 7.

There were many highs and low for our neighbors up north throughout these games…starting with the pitiful opening ceremonies (as a low) and ending with their men’s hockey gold (a high…for them). But of all their accomplishments over the last two weeks, a lesser known one is their record for prophylactic distribution. The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control handed out a whopping 100,000 condoms. The amazing thing is that there were rumors that even with those staggering numbers there may have been a shortage still.

One of the officials involved stated, “We were not getting calls from people saying, ‘Help, I need condoms,’” but mentioned that they had ordered an additional 8,500. The free condoms were available not just to athletes and game officials but also on cruise ships that housed security, support staff and volunteers. They were also placed in bathrooms in and near the Olympic venues and handed out in the downtown area.

Nearly 40,000 of the condoms, however, were earmarked for the athletes. That’s a whole lot of sex going on over a 17 day period. You may or may not have read the story two years ago about sex in the Olympic village but apparently it’s a big deal. You’ve got a lot of young (normally fairly attractive) athletes all living in close proximity. Once they’ve finished competing what else is there to do than “mingle” for a couple of days. It’d be interesting to see the number of children that are born 9 months from now amongst all of the competitors….I’ll bet it’s a little higher than normal. But with hundreds of thousands of rubbers floating around maybe not.


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