The Boston Marathon takes place this April 19th and 22-year old Harvard Student Sam Novey is going to run the entire 26.2 miles as Burger Man. Not only is he running it…and running it in a burger costume…he’s attempting to raise $100,000 for Citizen Schools. Why is he doing this?

Growing up, I always liked to play football, and I played guard on my national ranked high school team. But around junior year, it became clear that the starting double burgerman was always going to bake a regular burgerman like a batch of sweet potato fries, so i got involved in distance running. I ran my first marathon during my freshman year at Harvard in 2008 (3:49) and my second one in 2009 (3:36). Now it’s time to do it in a burger suit.

You can follow him on Twitter (@BurgerManRun) and Facebook or check out his website…but if you’re really all about the Burger Man love you’ll run with him every Saturday up until the race, he welcomes anyone that will join him.

1 Dream • $100,000 For Charity • 26.2 Miles, in a Burger Suit


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