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So there you go…another week…another 4 down. Yesterday we saw the departure of the 26-year old Jermaine Sellers, the 21-year old John Park, the young gun 16-year old Haley Vaughn and the 22-year old Michelle Delamor. You know…I don’t know about this season. The people who have more *star* quality seem to be less vocally inclined and the people who are great singers lack a little pizazz. It’s got me all confused. That’s really just my opinion and could be way off.

I must say I enjoyed Tim Urban and Katelyn Epperly this week, both preformed much better than before (although I agree with Simon..she was a bit cheesy). The contestants are growing on me though…I at least didn’t mind listening to Andrew Garcia, Siobhan Magnus and Lily Scott. And I really like Michael Lynche, he seems like such a great guy (and dad now). But…is it me or is America a tad bit racist…I mean….not one white person voted off this week…WTF is that about? We’ll see what happens next week but I could earmark 4 lighter skinned peeps to go, I’m looking at you Aaron, Alex, Crystal and Didi.


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