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So if your got a little of ten thousand dollars to spare you could be the proud owner of this amazing machine. The hovercraft was built by New Zealander Rudy Heeman (@ThisIsGenius on Twitter). You start from the water and once you reach speeds of around 45 MPH you can begin to lift off. It has a top speed of just over 62 MPH and has a range of 140 miles. Made from mostly fiberglass, it’s 13 feet long, has a 100 HP inboard motor and comes with a purpose built trailer, GPS, ASI, and all the engine gauges. It doesn’t require a license to fly, but you have to obey boat rules when on or above the water.

This machine is fast and furious,it roars like a lion,and is not for the ”faint hearted”.It is adrenalin pumping and exciting.Flying an aircraft,the best part is the takeoff and landing,this machine is always in takeoff and landing position,but there is always a runway beneath you.

UPDATE: The auction (which ends next Saturday) is now up to nearly $30,000. Sorry to get your hopes up…we’ll see what it actually sells for.


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