I saw this video floating around recently but was reluctant to watch it. I’ve seen plenty of such-and-such cars against other cars and the videos are always a let down. This one was actually pretty neat. There isn’t too much “racing” but what it does have is a good explanation as to why there are certain safety measures and what it takes to really get a car good at 208 MPH.

This particular 1970 Chrysler Barracuda comes from Legendary Motorcar Company. They decked it out with a twin-turbo V10 1,000+ horsepower engine. The project took over 5,000 man hours over the course of nearly two years. It started out as a rusted 1970 Barracuda and a salvaged red Dodge Viper. Then they spent two years combining the two together in the process of creating a supercar-rivaling beast of a classic. When it was all said and done the folks at LMC said they invested 5-6,000 hours creating this metallic green ‘Cuda.


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