If you watched Wheel of Fortune Tuesday, February 16th you surely saw one of the contestants tell Pat Sajak that he was an aspiring rapper/producer. If you were like me, you for one found both the answer and Pat’s reaction hilarious, but you also may have been wondering about this guy. Turns out he is Richie Brown a.k.a. Mr. Chipz reigning from the 702 or Las Vegas as it would be. To me there seems to be two Richies. There is the Wheel Richie and the gangsta Richie.

You can watch a contestant video for Wheel where Richie explains:

Why is it special to play Wheel in Las Vegas?
“Well it’s my home town. You know I gotta come out for the people. I gotta represent for Las Vegas I gotta…you know, solidify. So ah…and plus I got a lotta fans out here so they gotta see me on TV.”

What makes a great contestant?
“Ah, the fact that…I like money. So I’m here, this is where the moneys at, I gotta be here, plus I like to be around people and I love just everything about Vegas, so you guys come out to Vegas to do this just gives me more of the option to really want to be here tremendously.”

If lady luck is on your side , you do you most hope to win?
“Ah…about $36,00. I’d be cool with that. If I could come around that I’d be good.”

The “gangsta” Richie or Mr. Chipz is a bit of a different man. On his single “Get Me One” he can be heard to say “You ain’t never felt love until you touched me. You ain’t never felt a sensation inside your body until you fu#%ed me.” Now that’s quite a statement and difference of demeanor from the Wheel Richie. You can hear the whole song below.

If you’d like to hear or see more of Mr. Chipz you can checkout his MySpace or his Twitter. If you were fortunate enough to catch his performance on Wheel the other night you would find this assuming. He was as hard as the Snuggles Bear. If you missed it, you probably think I’m being an ass. Sadly I don’t have video of the show. Either way….its hilarious to me.


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