Nowayme2_normal nowayme2 i pull out my phone when i’m alone in public to not look like a loner.

19058_283880108477_566993477_4528547_8245102_n_normal Wolfzombee I just realized that I say ‘excuse me’ after I burp when I’m alone, there’s no one around and I still act polite

202106_normal HolaAngelola Thanks Mom & Dad. I’m totally a whore because my tanktops aren’t always pulled up when I’m alone in my room.

Profile_image_1264801806871_normal KeyLoLo420 When I’m alone I think toooooo much

Cheli_normal SuperCheli noticed: when i’m alone i tend to swear a lot

Getattachment okixd Feel so independent when I’m alone and I have a car:p. I ordered a pizza xD

Rorshach_normaluserkane Sometimes when I’m alone I use Comic Sans

Untitled4_normal myheartformusic When I’m alone, I say the things I type out loud

Sturtz_logo_normal sturtztrain I like to play dolls when I’m alone, but I’m probably fine.

58828793_normalCelesdee … Sometimes when I’m alone and really bored, I secretly narrate my life in my head.

Images_normalJeantieDDubz really needs to stop listening to beatles when i’m alone… it just gives me the warm and fuzzies which I can do nothing to reverse.

Image_normalldrin I like it when I’m alone in the men’s room. I get to pee and fart loudly at the same time.


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