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Avatar_wa7son_b_160_normal wa7son The worst thing about my Friday is that I thought it was yesterday.

Avatar_normal carlmw The worst thing about spending a day listening to how things SHOULD be done is going back to how they ARE done.

64_normal isabeljaramillo The worst thing about graduating from college is that there are no more professors to bang.

56f803cb87fe7b601_normal SmartMonee The worst thing about having nothing to do is that you don’t know when you’re finished.

Thinme6400x700_normal flyness The worst thing about having standards is constantly being disappointed.

Vsmall_normal hyperory the worst thing about working in a coffee shop, by yourself, is that you have no one to watch your stuff if you need to go to the toilet…

Twitter_normal yeahDUB The best thing about being in a relationship is you got one girl…however, the worst thing about being in a relationship is u got ONE girl!

Flowers-lady-copy_normal Doc4Skin The worst thing about being a poster child is probably the fear of thumbtacks.

Third_editited-1_normal jorshuwah The worst thing about being uncoordinated and cloning yourself and then double-teaming a girl is when you miss the high five afterwards.

Avatar-72x72_normal TYN78 The worst thing about watching hamsters videos on Youtube are the users’ comments. They only talk about their dead hamsters :-(

Prime_normal Tarnimus The worst thing about Apple products is that the people who buy them insist on showing them to you constantly, like it’s their kids’ photos.

Default_profile_5_normal lindsaybscheele the worst thing about staying in a extended stay hotel is you can smell what your neighbor is cooking.. and it doesn’t smell good.

Tumblr_kvgw8e69z61qabklao1_500_normal charliecarly The worst thing about living by yourself, is having to remember to buy toilet rolls.

Dsc02629-1_normal TwatasaurusRex The worst thing about a film class are the fags who jerk themselves off every time they catch an obscure pop culture reference.


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