Img_0134-1_normal tiffany The best thing about “Valentine’s Day” seems to be the music in the trailer. It was better when it was called “Love Actually.”

Ginger_saurus_normalgingersaurus The best thing about karaoke is when it’s over.

Lolakat_normal LolaKat The best thing about snow is that I can see other kitties have been walking around outside. My feets are warm and dry!

DaBoyDame106 My patna sent me atext sayin “the best thing about fuckin with bitches who got kids is, you know they fuckin” hahaha

Img_4014_normaljdinseattle The best thing about the iPad is that it doesn’t run Farmville.

Moi_normaldavislove OH @ Chuck E. Cheese: the best thing about this place is you can let one go and everyone just assumes one of these kids has a dirty diaper.

Headshot_normal rachelawarner The best thing about kickball is that even if you lose it’s a WIN.

N1500909_30112750_8508_normal EndOfSentencethe best thing about bale is he’s walmart hot. that dirty slumming it hot where he might rape me but whatever. walmart hot with good teeth”

Twitterprofilephoto_normalorijohnalwords The best thing about weekends? Guinness and pancakes for breakfast.

Dsc01450_normal melissasourus The best thing about weekends is I can wake up & watch spongebob instead of the news. It sets a good vibe for the day.

4430_516063919414_280300358_906166_3816744_n_normalHeyGillDesign The best thing about the film Titanic is that there couldn’t be a sequel.

Kobe-jason_normal jspires22 About to watch the British version of The Office. The best thing about British comedy is the frequency of the word “wanker”.

L_d24fda4177b217173ffbb24705d23f22_normal JoshyBadNamesThe best thing about being a boy, other than not being a girl, is moms always think you’re hungry.”

Strike_a_pose_normal CharChar1179 Duuumm, duuumm, gimmie, guuumm, guuumm. Food Time!!!!! The best thing about funerals is the food.


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