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If you missed the Daily Show the other night you missed the always hilarious Tracy Morgan. He sat down with Jon Stewart to chat a little about his new movie Cop Out, which opens yesterday (and co-stars Bruce Willis and was directed by Kevin Smith). This is probably one of the only movies all year long that I’ll see on opening weekend.

I think Tracy Morgan is one of the most underrated comedians around. Even with co-workers as brilliant as Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock he still manages to be the high point of most episodes.

During the below chat with Mr. Stewart he talks about his “beautiful hair” in 360 waves makin’ ‘em seasick, how he’s “oldschool” and doesn’t pullout, how he’d like to see Evil Knievel (currently in a motorized wheelchair) just jump 4 phonebooks now-a-days and his idea to open a Chickendales…serving fried chicken with Bruce Vilanch and “that black guy from Magnum P.I. that played TC” as strippers.

Additionally here is a rap video he did with Jimmy Kimmel as Primo on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show the other night. It’s called IMPREGN8ED.

Hottie look hot, but there’s somethin aint right…
The humps be jumpin, but the tummy’s too tight…
You know, that I know, that you know I’d be elated…
If you let me get your uterus impregnated…


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