Oh poor ol’ Daniela Anschutz-Thoms of Germany’s speed skating team. She has now managed to finish fourth in a major event for the 15th time without once earning a medal. She was actually poised to get 1st or 2nd in the 3000m race but was overtaken on the last lap, continuing her unfortunate streak, losing (3rd) by a measly three hundredths of a second.

Anschutz-Thoms has managed to build this record of hers up over the last 12 years in major competitions ranging from the Olympics to the World Championships and even the European Championships.

While downing a beer afterward she said the following about her streak, “Shit! Shit follows me wherever I go! I made no mistakes, I’m endlessly disappointed. Winning all my fourth places has always been a close call. This is a black day for me. It couldn’t possibly be any worse.”

She’ll have one more chance to get on the podium next Wednesday when she competes in the 5000m race. Lets hope for the best…whatever that is.


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