A Kentucky Fried Chicken in Berea, Kentucky is offering $500 in grilled chicken to anyone that supplies information leading to the successful return of a stolen Colonel Sanders statue. It was taken the night of January 31st just before closing. The statue is said to be worth $1,500. The police have run out of leads and the restaurant felt that a tasty treat might entice some information.

A spokesperson for KFC, Rick Maynard was full of quips, stating, “There were three men in the restaurant, and the employee went to the kitchen. When she returned, the three men and the Colonel had flown the coop.” He goes on to say, “What we’re looking for is to catch these chickens.”

If you have knowledge of the Colonel’s whereabouts give the restaurant a ring. Or if you’re just really in dire need of food maybe you can put your sleuthing hat on and get to work to earn roughly a months worth of eats.


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