I found this ESPN poll to be pretty funny. The majority of the nation feels pretty much the same about the Super Bowl this year as any other year with the exception of a few states. Obviously Indiana & Louisiana (and fine Mississippi too) are going to be more excited this year. Why Utah is more excited as well beats me…anyone know better than myself?

The interesting thing about this poll is that the only state which seems to be a Debbie Downer is Minna-so-dah. I guess they just can’t get over that loss.

I mean really guys, you haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 34 years and each of the fours times you managed to make it you lost anyways. So what may I ask is “worse” about this year? Is it that you came so close…or is it the realization that your one-time QB (I’m mean really…he’s been there one year!) is actually human?

So what say you Minnesota, grab some popcorn and a muffaletta sandwich and come join us all in South Beach on Sunday.


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